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To see how much you can save on new replacement windows for your home and find out if they will qualify for the new $1500 Federal Tax Credit, just answer a few simple questions to begin. >>

Federal Rebates for Windows - The Stimulus

The U.S. federal government is offering rebates to you when you buy energy efficient windows. How much of a national or federal rebate or tax credit can you expect? You could collect up to as much as $1,500 when you replace aging, leaky, in-efficient, energy devouring windows with new money saving replacements. Sounds like a good deal, but how do you take the federal government up on its rebate offer and who exactly qualifies? This online informational guide can help you with the federal window rebate process.

Energy Efficient Windows - Federal Rebates and Discounts

Perhaps you had already heard that back in 2009, President Obama signed an extension called the American Recovery and Reinvestment Tax Act of 2009 into law, but didn't know what that meant for you. This bill extends and modifies the tax credits and rebates for new windows, doors, and skylights that were in the original Energy Policy Act of 2005. So, how does this translate into a federal window rebate for you?

When you buy new or replacement energy-efficient windows, that meet certain federal standards, you could quality for the government's rebates (on certified windows). The savings is substantial on energy efficiently rated windows and products (up to as much 30 percent of the cost). The grand total can be as much as $1,500! So if you thought the cost of replacing or adding new windows to your home was prohibitive, the federal government rebate may change your mind.

Energy Star Label

What is the Energy Star? It is the label approved by the government to alert consumers that windows are rated as energy efficient. Energy efficiency is the key to getting a federal window rebate. So, to qualify for a federal rebate, windows need to have the Energy Star or energy rebate sticker on them. It's important to note that your new energy efficient windows must be purchased between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2010 in order to be eligible for an income tax credit or federal window rebate.

When you qualify, you can save 30 percent off the windows' price - the amount the federal government rebates to you. Rebates usually do not include the cost of installing your energy efficient windows even if your installer is energy conscious in doing so.

Other Labels and Certifications

If you're looking for federal deductions for windows, in addition to the Energy Star, make sure you also secure what is called the "Manufacturer's Certification Statement". What exactly is this? It is a certificate that verifies your windows qualify for a federal rebate or tax credit.

Another important certification to find on the window label is from the NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council). Because the NFRC is the only American and/or federally recognized energy efficient window rating organization, its reputation is to be trusted.

Keeping copies for your records of all your window replacement certifications and labels is wise. Additionally, to claim your federal window rebate or refund, you will need to include particular labels and certifications as proof along with your federal tax "Form 5696".

Your primary home or residence is the only abode on which you can collect your federal window rebate for energy efficient windows. And, if you're considering windows for rentals, they are not eligible.

Regional Rebates

Many states and municipalities have joined the federal government in offering window and energy efficient rebates. Some of the larger state rebates include California and Washington. Make sure you or your window replacement expert get all the federal, state, county and city rebates and tax credits available to you in your region.


Many window manufacturers offer their own rebates, discounts, deals and coupons. They should also provide you with what is called the Manufacturers Certification Statement (regarding energy efficiency) because the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) does not keep copies of these on file. This certification is further proof and helps you secure your federal rebate for windows.

Most reputable window manufacturers and companies provide the certification on their website, but you may also want to contact them using their toll free phone number.

Window Rebate Experts

Getting a federal window rebate buying new windows can be simpler than it may seem when you use a certified and licensed window specialist who can get the best prices and the maximum federal or tax rebates for energy efficient windows.

Take a moment to answer a few simple questions on our online form and we will connect you quickly to your local window replacement options and free estimates - and quite possibly save you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on a federal rebate for windows! Start Now.>>>

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