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To see how much you can save on new replacement windows for your home and find out if they will qualify for the new $1500 Federal Tax Credit, just answer a few simple questions to begin. >>

Government Rebate Programs

This year, homeowners in America have a golden opportunity: New national legislation is now offering homeowners up to $1500. in federal tax credits, or a tax rebate, for new energy-efficient windows!

This windows rebate program is a very timely one for homeowners who have been considering the right time to replace windows. Windows replacement is always a big decision for homeowners, but when the new energy-efficient windows already save up to 30% in utility costs, and the government offers up to $1500 in income tax rebates on top of it, the decision becomes a much easier one to make.

What exactly is the window rebate program? The rebate program or plan has many names associated with it like stimulus, tax credit, grant, rebate, refund, coupon, economic recovery and more. However, the federal rebate program for energy efficient windows is simply a way that the government can help you save money (through the use of a rebate) when you invest in energy efficient windows.

Why a Rebate Program?

A rebate program is a win-win. While stimulating the economy, it saves you money and helps the environment. Most people know that energy efficient windows lower high utility bills and would like to replace their old leaky windows with new quality windows. This is the thinking behind the window rebate program - it makes buying and replacing windows more affordable with a rebate.

The rebate program's success relies on properly labeled energy efficient windows. When you see the Energy Star insignia you can be assured that these windows qualify for rebates. What exactly does energy efficient mean? The government has tested and then rated windows in order to assess and then cut energy consumption.

The U. S. Department of Energy, as part of a supporting body to the government's rebate program, supplies energy consumption estimates. Energy efficient windows, the department figures, use about 15% less energy. Approximates also show that you can cut energy loss by an additional 25% with energy rated windows! Because of the windows tax rebate program, many are experiencing lower taxes and lower utility bills.

Rebate Program Requirements

As with any rebate program, keeping copies of important documentation will secure your window rebate. For your tax records, you should secure such duplicates from your windows as:

  • The Energy Star Label
  • The Manufacturers Certification Statement - this is the manufacturer's written oath that their windows qualify window for a tax rebate or credit. The manufacturer should provide this to you either on their website or upon calling them via toll free number.
  • The NFRC label ((National Fenestration Rating Council)

Increase the Value of Your Home

Though the energy efficient windows program provides a significant way to save with rebates, it can also enhance the overall value of your home. Along with your home's increased worth, you will probably enjoy window energy efficiency because it can improve the comfort of your living space (i.e., cutting drafts).

For the design conscious, the windows rebate program translates into overall tax credits and rebates true, but it also includes many different varieties of energy efficient windows. You can select from a wide assortment of glass and window types (i.e., storm, doors, and skylights), and materials such as vinyl, wood or aluminum windows.

Other Home Energy Rebate Programs

The federal rebate program has more to offer in the way of rebates. Energy efficiency is the key. In addition to the windows rebate program, there are many incentives and other rebates that exist for products that reduce your total energy usage. Some of these include solar heating, roofing, insulation, HVAC and water heaters.

Window Energy Experts and Rebate Programs

Energy tax credits on new and replacement windows are abundant. Getting them should be simple and profitable. With the help of a certified and licensed window specialist you can get free window estimates, the maximum window rebate programs or tax credits and the best prices. An expert can also assist you through any bureaucracy you may run into with the rebate program so you can enjoy your quality energy efficient windows ASAP!

Take a moment to answer a few simple questions on our online form and we will connect you quickly to your local window rebate and replacement options - and quite possibly save you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars! Start Now.

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