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Window Rebate: See Savings!

See how much you can save on new Energy Efficient Windows and find out if they qualify for the $1500 Tax Credit. Only takes a minute... >>

Government Tax Rebates For Energy Efficient Windows

Have you been looking for or hearing all the "buzz" about the government and energy efficient windows? The words government "rebates", "stimulus", "grants", "coupons", and "checks" seem to be on everybody's lips these days. So, why all the fuss?

Perhaps the reason is the government's $1,500 rebate for buying energy efficient windows. Why such a large rebate? Since energy efficient window replacement is a significant home improvement purchase, the government wants to assist and encourage this type of investment. The amount of the government rebates you could get should equal 30 percent of the total windows' cost (installation is not usually part of the window government rebate).

Your window budget goes decidedly farther when you buy now than prior to February 17, 2009. How is that? This was when President Obama signed into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Tax Act of 2009. It extended and modified the Energy Policy Act of 2005. What this translates into for window buyers is more and larger tax credits and rebates for new energy efficient windows, doors, and skylights.

How do window buyers proceed to getting a green or energy efficient windows government rebate?

First, the government wants you to add new or replace your old, leaky, in-efficient, energy guzzling windows with money and energy saving replacements. Energy efficiency not only saves you cash but also helps the environment. The government's windows tax credit or window government rebate is part of the goal accomplish better overall energy efficiency.

Qualify for Your Window Government Rebate

To qualify as energy efficient, your new windows must have some identifying features. Of primary importance is the Energy Star insignia. This label should appear on any government approved energy efficient replacement windows. In fact, it signifies that a window is energy efficient. Plus, it serves as added proof of a window's eligibility when it comes time to claim your government window rebate or tax credit.

What added insurance will assist you in getting government rebates for energy efficient windows? Be sure to secure the Manufacturer's Certification Statement (indicating government energy efficiency). Your new windows should have this certification on them, If they don't, you may need to get it from the manufacturers' website or contact them directly.

As with any rebate, proof is always the key. Acquire an itemized bill or invoice from your energy efficient windows professional, retailer or installer and be certain you retain for your rebate the Energy Star label and the Manufacturer's Certification Statement (the EPA or Environmental Protection Agency does not keep copies of it on file). This documentation confirms your window's energy efficiency and helps expedite your windows' government rebate.

Other Energy Efficient Products

The government energy efficiency rebate program includes home improvements including roofing, insulation, HVAC and water heaters as well as windows. The choice is up to you. You may want to use the full $1,500 federal tax credit or rebate on new or replacement windows. Or, you can combine the rebate with other energy efficient products covered by the national rebate program. Getting the best quality and value for you money, including federal rebates, and planning ahead can help give you all window and other rebates you are due - before you buy.

Manufacturers and Government Rebates

How do manufacturers factor into the government rebate for energy efficient windows? As mentioned, the manufacturer should provide you with the Manufacturer's Certification Statement. Also, because of the greater incentive to purchase energy efficient windows, many manufacturers and companies are offering consumers additional deals, discounts and rebates.

Window Experts and Energy Efficient Windows

Your window expert should also help you select windows that get you a government energy efficiency rebate. Your window professional can assure that you qualify for all tax government rebates as well as local and regional credits. For instance, recommending windows that meet all requirements for your particular climate zone or region such as those mandated by the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).

Enlist your window professional's expertise with energy efficient windows so that they will handle confusing regulations, and you don't have to. Then you can rest easy knowing you'll receive the maximum 2009 or 2010 tax credits or government rebates for energy efficient windows.

If you're still on the fence about new or replacement energy efficient windows, it's important to know that the current government rebates last only until the end of 2010. So, go ahead and find out what rebates and discounts are presently being offered - you owe it to yourself to get a free window estimate and see how much you could save. Start Now >>>

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