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Guide to Energy Star Windows

The light blue Energy Star tag is one we often see on a variety of products. This guide is meant to introduce you to the processes that figure into the earning of this label for a given product. Though it will deal primarily with Energy Star windows; much of the information still holds true for various other Energy Star products. Investing in Energy Star rated products not only helps a consumer do their part for their environment, but the label makes it easier to figure out which products will help shave cost off of utility bills. By the end of this guide; you will have a full understanding of Energy Star products, installation procedures, how an item earns the label, the longstanding impact of the program, as well as shortcomings discovered in the system.

What Are Energy Star Products

Energy Star is a system of labeling created in a joint effort by the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy. The goal behind the program was to create a system for easy identification of products that are environmentally friendly while saving consumers money on their utility bills. The Energy Star program is a volunteer one from the manufacturer end. There are products that are on the market that meet the qualifications for rating; though the manufacturer did not submit the items for review. To be sure you are getting an energy efficient, money saving product; look for the light blue Energy Star label on your product. Whether they are Energy Star windows or any other product, it all equates to bigger savings in the long run.

In this section, you will learn what separates an Energy Star product from one that is unrated. It briefly discusses the rating system and what kind of benefits one can expect to see from their product. This section all discusses circumstances that can cause the delisting of a product from the Energy Star list.

Energy Star Window Products

Earning an Energy Star Label

The process for earning an Energy Star label is a completely volunteer one from the side of manufacturers. Items such as Energy Star windows are subjected to a battery of tests from a third-party laboratory to test their overall efficiency and durability. If they pass, they are awarded with the light blue Energy Star label that helps consumers easily identify them. The goal of the program is to continue to offer energy efficiency and savings for the life of the product line. To meet this goal, a third-party laboratory will randomly pull items from the production runs to verify the production quality is the same. This process occurs once or twice a year depending on the product.

This short guide introduces you to the processes of approval of a product to the Energy Star listing. It is also important to understand how a product is continually tested and verified to ensure it is still in compliance with the factors necessary for approval.

Earning an Energy Star Label

Energy Star Quality Installation

Energy Star Quality Installation is a program that was recently started and aimed more towards Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling (HVAC) needs. It is mentioned in this guide because some of the methods described therein are applicable to Energy Star windows. In addition, it is a clear statement of what exactly the Quality Installation procedures are and that there currently is not an Energy Star focused way of installing windows. It is likely Energy Star Quality Installation procedures will eventually be developed for windows and other fenestration products.

Energy Star Quality Installation is a process and system that largely deals with HVAC needs. This guide introduces the reader to some of the ideas behind Quality Installation and how it can apply to shopping for and installing your Energy Star windows. It briefly touches on the impact of the system and how it is growing to encompass more products.

Energy Star Installation

Energy Star Inefficiency Audit

Every program and idea will have its faults. Studies done in late 2009 and 2010 found inefficiencies and problems inherent in the Energy Star program. The General Accounting Office was able to pass off a few fake products and even some still in concept to the EPA to receive the Energy Star label. The EPA stated that this is due to their system of approving products with automation and later reviewing them with human eyes. This study did highlight other problems in the program. Less scrupulous manufacturers were able to simply go print off the Energy Star label and affix it to products that had not been screened. Despite its faults, the Energy Star program saved homeowners billions of dollars and cut millions of cars worth of emissions.

This section discusses this problem in deeper detail and the impact it has on your buying choices. Every system will have some problems associated with it. Despite the problems the Energy Star program has had, there is still no reason to not look for that Energy Star label on products you need.

Windows Energy Star Inefficiency Audit

Energy Star Ratings and the Future

Energy Star products are the way of the future for American homeowners. The reason behind this is simple. It is one of many clean initiative programs instituted by the EPA to help lessen the impact of humans on the environment. This program runs alongside of other clean air, clean water, and conservation projects all designed to make us friendlier to our surrounding environment. Investing in Energy Star windows or other products is a smart move towards the future as it is a program that will continue to grow and develop.

This section provides deeper information about the way Energy Star products will impact us in the future. It also explores briefly how the program is expanding and has expanded to include a vast number of different products.

Windows Energy Star Ratings

A firm understanding of Energy Star and Energy Star products will empower you to make sound decisions for improvement of your home and savings. Not only that, but the EPA has created a system that makes it simple for consumers to be environmentally friendly by just choosing efficient products. Choosing Energy Star windows and products for your home will equate into great savings in the long run.

Energy Star Windows Guide

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