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An Introduction to Energy Saving Windows

It is common to hear calls from various groups for us to do our part for the environment and to help curb our emissions. Energy saving windows, skylights, and doors are all ways to pursue this. An installation of replacement energy saving windows can equate to an upwards of 20% gain in savings on energy bills. The latest technology in energy saving windows allows homeowners to do their part for the environment while saving money on their bills. In some areas, they may find rebate programs available from the local power company.

More than a Window

Energy saving windows provide a greater benefit than just that to your home. Being able to save on energy expenditures allows your local power company to make better use of its power grid and provide less power out in general. In turn, this helps the company to cut their emissions and create a more eco-friendly footprint. For the best values of this kind, check for the Energy Star label on a product. These products have been submitted and tested by the Environmental Protection Agency to ensure they meet tight energy saving requirements.

Energy Saving Features

Different features are available on energy saving windows that can have differing impacts depending on the climate and style of window. Double and triple-paned windows with an inert Krypton or Argon gas filling can be wonderful insulators to extreme weather on either side. If one needs to run air conditioning or heat often; this style of window will go a long way towards maintaining the indoor atmosphere.

A variety of Low-E coatings exist for windows to help control the transfer of energy. These coatings are made from metal and joined with the glass during production to help provide a better insulator. The different types of coating can provide greater insulation and are continuously advancing in innovation. Old styles of coating were done with a mixture of tin. Newer advancements see the highly reflective silver playing a large part in the coatings. Multiple coatings can further increase the efficiency of the window depending on the climate and location of where it will be.

Other energy saving features include differing styles of spacers and seals on the window. Often, the seal is the weakest point in the entire energy efficient window. If one purchases a multiple paned window, it becomes even more important as one could lose the inert gas filling. A normal amount of depreciation of gas is approximately 1% per year through the glass. This is a fairly normal amount. Bad seals or leaky seals could see the loss of as much as 10% a year of the inert gas. So a solid sealing system is necessary.

Energy features such as these and more will steadily come on to the market as they are developed. One wants to ensure they do a fair amount of research into the investment they are making into their home. Remember, you are not just purchasing windows. You are making a long-term investment into your home with the assistance of another company. Just as important as the energy saving windows will be the company that produces them and whoever ends up installing them. A firm understanding of these points will allow you to make informed, intelligent decisions for your and your home's future.

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