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Milgard Windows Warranty

A common thread of knowledge offered from different sources is to be sure of the manufacturer. By being sure, we mean to have full faith that the company will do its part to assist you decades down the road if need be. A look at a manufacturer's warranty can give you an idea of just how seriously they view ensuring their customers can rest easy. A look at Milgard windows warranty provides a lot of insight into how that company views you and your choices.

While a Milgard windows warranty can differ based on the type of construction and project; the primary one a homeowner will be dealing with is for replacement windows. This generally falls under Milgard's Full Lifetime Warranty for Homeowners. This warranty offers complete protection for the products that it covers. To understand the degree of coverage this provides, an establishment of the difference between a Limited Warranty and a Full Warranty is in order.

A Limited Warranty gives the manufacturer a lot more leeway in how they approach a given situation. They can charge the customer service fees or other costs associated with getting a warranty covered repair or replacement done. A manufacturer with a Limited Warranty plan also has the freedom to simply refund the customer the amount of the purchase price instead of performing repairs on the product.

A Milgard windows warranty is not a Limited Warranty. It is a Full Lifetime warranty. From the time you purchase your windows until you move out of your house or pass on, those windows are covered. A Full Warranty means there is no additional charges to you for service and repair work to the product. The only way the manufacturer can choose to just refund your money is by your request. This type of warranty offers savings and peace of mind to would-be customers of Milgard. Not only that, but they will also extend the warranty for an additional 10 years to the next owner of the home. This gives a homeowner an excellent selling point to stand behind in addition to the replacement windows in the home.

Many folks will find themselves asking, 'But what's in it for Milgard? Why would they offer this kind of protection? I bet it's too good to be true.' It is perfectly understandable to have doubts when something appears to be too good. Once again, we must look at the market for replacement windows. Replacement windows are a long-term investment. You will not be buying more and replacing them at any point in the near future. Manufacturers know that, and they know how hard of a choice it can be to pick the correct route. Milgard offers this kind of protection and warranty to assure would-be customers that they have a solid product and stand behind it regardless. They shoulder the burden of the extra fees and costs that sometimes comes with needing to make repairs or replacements. It is their way of showing a homeowner they are quite serious about satisfaction, the quality of the product, and the aftercare of the service.

The details of the Milgard windows warranty are best pursued during the quoting process with the company. The sales representative will be able to inform you of the nature and exact details of the warranty. They do have other warranties that cover other projects featured on their page. These should be confused with the replacement windows warranty Milgard offers.

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