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Pella Window Reviews

Pella products have a track record for excellence that has stood since 1925. Their dedication to high quality products and service has permitted them to stay an innovative force in the window and door market. The following Pella window reviews will help give you an idea of some of their current offerings to their customers.

This may seem like a strange feature to present to you in Pella window reviews; after each introduction and description you will find an average summation of several customer reviews of the windows. We realize that you are reading these Pella window reviews for information on an important long-term improvement to your home. Therefore, we want you to be able to form an intelligent and honest opinion while knowing that we are striving to bring you as much accurate information as possible. The impressions of others who have already purchased these windows allow a homeowner to form an informed opinion of the given product.

Below you will find Pella window reviews and information on two popular replacement window lines from Pella; ThermaStar and Impervia.

ThermaStar by Pella

ThermaStar is a vinyl line offered by Pella as a cost effective measure for window and door replacement. This particular product line offers exceptional energy-efficiency for the package provided. Many ThermaStar products are available with the same window glazing options of higher-end modules. Multi-paned solutions are available as a feature through general ordering much the same as normal features.

These windows are not a difficult self-install as they are relatively light and easy to access from a variety of retailers. It is important that whether you self-install or pay an installer; the job is done right so as to not void the warranty. Circumstances such as sealing the weep holes on accident will void the warranty on these windows most of the time. Be sure to do solid research into your installer about their work history and whether they are licensed and bonded for the job.

Average Customer Review for ThermaStar by Pella

Customer reviews in a variety of places have mixed things to say about ThermaStar by Pella. Many customers seemed to be under the impression that the inexpensive nature of the ThermaStar line would be a diamond in the rough. These should not be viewed or hoped to be masterful creations for their value. They are not. They are energy efficient windows that provide Energy Star approved benefits for their cost. If you are on a tight budget and need a solid replacement at a good value, ThermaStar Pella windows is certainly a strong contender.

They are designed and produced as no frills to cut the cost for you. Going beyond basics is a normal part of ordering windows for your home, the same is true for ThermaStar. If you want a cost effective solution to window replacement for your home; this line will suit you well. If you are looking for a more stylish solution with a lot of inherent bells and whistles, ThermaStar may not be the line for you.

Pella Impervia

Fiberglass composites seem to be the way window replacements are moving for the future. They offer great efficiency and are readily customizable by a home owner with their ability to be painted or stained. This also gives you an option to change their presentation later on should a homeowner want to. Impervia is the line developed by Pella to begin to explore this type of production material. This window is intended to be a mid-range choice for your home's window replacements.

Impervia by Pella are built to be durable and tough, to stand up to harsh weather. The windows feature a fairly thin profile that allows for less glass loss to the sashes. The extremely light nature of the fiberglass composite allows one to lift the windows with ease if they are opting for a self-installation. Personal flourish can be added to their style by either painting or staining the window frames.

Average Customer Reviews for Impervia by Pella

The Impervia by Pella line offers a solid mid-range choice for replacement windows. They meet many of the normal industry standards one would expect out of the cost and features associated with this particular window. One common customer complaint was a rather unsightly grey weather strip that was visible when the window was closed from the inside. Other common complaints came from seeing the windows in their unpainted and unfinished state. It is important to note that their presentation in natural state should not be a reflection of their final installation.

Comparing the Impervia by Pella windows to other manufacturer offerings of the same type will find many similarities. This is not a window type that will feature exceptional value for the cost associated with them. It is, however, a very competitive offering by Pella to fill this niche of the market. Customization options on top of an Energy Star approved rating allow Pella to offer this solid mid-range replacement window.

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