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Choosing the Right
Window Replacement Expert

When choosing a window replacement expert for your home, there are several areas you want to be aware of so that you not only make the most cost-effective decision, but also get your windows installed as promised and right - the first time. From selecting the right window material, vinyl, wood, or aluminum - to choosing the right style of window for your home - to going with quality products from established manufacturers, a licensed and preferred window replacement expert will take the time to guide you to the decision that best meets your needs. Now let's look at some areas you need to pay attention to when it comes to replacement windows:

How long has the business been established?
In most cases, the more experience a business has in a particular area, the better. Most companies who treat their customers fairly and provide their service with promptness and integrity receive quite a bit of repeat business and referred business. This is what separates companies from one another. That is not to say a new company or licensed professional in your area can't do an outstanding job for you. However, if a company is fairly new, make sure you get adequate local references before you move forward.

Make sure you get multiple quotes on new windows!
Even though some people are reluctant to go through this process, it is important to do! Not only will this allow you to evaluate a difference in price and manufacturers, but often it will clearly point to the person or company who is "head and shoulders" above the crowd when it comes to demeanor, helpfulness, and professional integrity. It is recommended that you take the time to get at least three competitive quotes - then make your decision based on a number of key criteria, including price savings.

It is important to ask your local window professional who their suppliers are.
Most experienced window professionals will have a good reputation and relationship with multiple suppliers and will be happy to share this information with you. Knowing that the windows that will grace your home come from quality name brand window manufacturers will allow you to move forward with confidence.

Do business with local licensed professionals and companies.
When you select a window installer who lives in your area, you should be able to keep costs down by avoiding any transportation costs the installer might otherwise have to include in his bid. It's also nice to know that the person working on your home - also lives and works in your community and is readily accessible to you should you need to stop by and visit.

Find out how long the project will take?
Many homeowners fail to get a true picture of how long their window replacement project will take. It's important to know what the turn-around time will be. Once a licensed window professional begins working on your home, there should be no interruption until the job is complete. Don't be overly taken or persuaded by a bid that promises to get the job done too quickly. This may be a sign that corners are being cut. Time is an important consideration, but not as vital as getting the job done right.

It's always wise to get at least three referrals.
When you check referrals, here are seven questions you can ask:

1) Was the job done to your satisfaction?
2) If you had any snags in the project, were they handled well and with courtesy?
3) Was the job completed on time?
4) Do you feel you were quoted and provided a fair price?
5) Are you pleased with the quality of the workmanship?
6) How did you hear about this contractor or window replacement professional - or was it a direct referral?
7) Would you use this person's services again in the future. The good news is: Most homeowners are more than happy to pass along news of positive experiences they have had.

Before you make your decision, you may want to make a follow-up call or send an email to your top choices to see how they respond. At times, individuals may be so overwhelmed and busy that they don't even remember you or your project. It's nice to be able to follow-up and speak directly with the person who provided you with the original quote. Even if you are just contacting them to confirm all the details of your job, the way they handle this and maintain the integrity of their price and bid is a positive sign.

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