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Egress Window Wells

As of 2006, it is a requirement that basements used as a living quarters, such as a bedroom, must have a window and a well enclosure for an easy escape in the event of a disaster or emergency. Egress window wells and systems are totally compliant with this regulation, and they allow you to let in natural light to dress up your room as you see fit. The well covers made by Egress can endure up to five hundred pounds, yet they are light enough to be lifted by a small child. With different styles, colors, and variations to choose from, Egress window wells let you dress up a room properly for that perfect downstairs bedroom or recreation room. Natural light brings out the color of any room, and Egress window well systems won't mess up the flow of your downstairs arrangement. Indeed, Egress window wells rather complement the look of any remodeled basement for use as a living quarters. Unlike ordinary windows, the Egress window well systems come with a one-step installation system for a no-hassle setup, with the screen pre-installed inside the window frame. As for the wells themselves, they are available as modular, stackable units or one-piece units, whichever you prefer.

Egress window wells are designed to be beautiful, and to make your downstairs living room, recreation hall or bedroom enjoyable to look at and to live in. Never worry about your child's safety with the dependable well covers, made for each unit according to their size and shape. The whole idea behind window wells and the law requiring them is access to a way of escape in the event of an emergency. The most common emergency that may require an escape via this route is a house fire. House fires are among the most quickly spreading and dangerous at-home hazards, oftentimes cutting off the primary means of escape, the stair-well, and leaving two minutes or less to escape safely. This is when window wells systems are the most useful. Other natural disasters include flooding, electrical hazards, and carbon monoxide. To get the most out of your unit, please be sure to send in your warranty and registration card upon purchase of your brand new Egress window well system. Egress window wells are the best name in basement security and protection.