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Cost for Each Replacement Window

This guide is meant to help you, the consumer, get a rough idea of how much you will end up spending on windows for your home based off of the materials used. This guide should not be taken as a statement of concrete pricing on the discussed products. To receive a concrete statement or average cost of replacement windows, consultation with a dealer or manufacturer to determine exactly what you want and its availability is in order.

The base price of a window is going to rely on a few points. Popular materials for residential window construction today are wood, vinyl, aluminum, vinyl-clad, and aluminum-clad. Aluminum windows are fairly cheap but have largely fallen out of favor due to the heat and cold loss they permit. They tend to be produced mostly for commercial applications anymore. The cost for each replacement window will increase as you add more features to it or if you need to have one custom built.

nother point to note; the cost for each replacement window may decrease if ordered in multiples. Manufacturers or dealers may sometimes pass along some savings to help reduce the cost for each replacement window.

Window Materials and Cost

The first aspect to look at for the cost for each replacement window is what material you want it made of. Different materials will work better for different climates, locales, and budgets.

Generally speaking; the cheapest material you will find will be vinyl, usually around $150 per window. Vinyl is relatively inexpensive to produce and does its job well. Approximately 50% of replacement windows sold in the United States in recent years were vinyl. So even though they are inexpensive in nature, they are quality and do the job well in many cases.

Aluminum windows were fairly popular for a long time due to their extreme durability and affordability (upwards of $200 for a basic model). The only real problem with aluminum windows is that they permit the passage of heat and cold a bit too readily through the frame. Some individuals have found ways around this by using more weather-proofing or sealing putty over the area.

Wooden replacement windows have long been a popular staple since manufacturing of them began. They offer a great look at a decent price (about $200 per window) and last fairly well under adverse circumstances. They can be subject to decay and rot after extended periods of time however.

Two more popular styles is the mixed material of aluminum-clad and vinyl-clad (around $300). These particular types of windows feature a wooden interior and either an aluminum or vinyl exterior. This simply improves the look of the windows on the interior for benefit of those that dwell inside.

General Features and Customization

Most windows will come with some basic additions to them to make them worth the investment. A Low-E coating on the window glazing is a typical addition to help their efficiency. Different styles of hardware and features can add more to the final cost.

One major feature that should be checked on is double or triple-pane with an inert gas insulator. This feature can add a fair amount of the final price of your replacement windows but it can also save a good amount on your energy bills down the road.

There are a number of other minor features that will be available when you purchase your windows. Have a firm understanding of what they are and how they benefit you before you allow them to augment the cost for each replacement window.

Window Shopping - A General Tip

When shopping for new replacement windows for your home, shop around. Many manufacturers will have different sizes they categorize as custom and normal. What may be a custom size with one company, could be normal with another. The normal cost for each replacement window will almost always be cheaper than the custom size for the second manufacturer.

A Final Word

Windows can vary greatly in price but will typically be found in the $200 to $700 range for standard-sized double-hung windows. There are many varieties of windows available that can be customized to meet almost any opening in your house. These highly customized windows may run you into the neighborhood of thousands of dollars. The prices given do not necessarily reflect the cost of installation. One can save money by installing replacement windows as a Do-It-Yourself project, but it is one you would want to be very comfortable with. You can save a little money, but it will cost you a lot if it is not done correctly.

The actual framing for the windows in the openings of the house is assumed to be intact and usable for these figures. Replacing the framing due to damage or dry rot where the actual window is mounted can run into the thousands of dollars as the final cost for each replacement window.

Know what you need, shop smart, and get multiple quotes and bids to get your replacement windows at a good price.

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