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Replacement Windows Cost and Price

Finding the best replacement window prices can be a tedious measure of shopping around to many different locations. Different manufacturers will have different ideas of what they feel their product should be worth on the market. This final price will be augmented by any number of factors. The following article is meant to be a guide to understanding how replacement window cost is figured so that you can get the best price. Understanding the processes that go into pricing will allow you to make informed decisions about choosing your product.

Understanding the Market for Windows

If you want to save money on replacement windows and understand replacement window cost, it is important to understand the market. The replacement window market is largely a consumer's market. One will expect to find tougher competition between manufacturers to serve people like you due to the nature of the product. When your business is centered around a product that will last for decades and presumably will not be consumed; you need to attract the eyes of customers and establish a solid name for yourself.

Take a look at some of the biggest names in windows and you will see companies that have stood for decades, sometimes as long as a century. These manufacturers enjoy this long-term success because they understand the position they are in with providing new construction and replacement windows to consumers like you.

The question becomes; what does this information mean for you?

The highly competitive nature of this market gives you a lot of freedom to get the most out of every dollar put into your replacement window cost. If one manufacturer does not offer the type of product you are looking for at a good price, there is probably another five that do. They know that, and now you do too.

When you are judging replacement window prices always be wary of a representative that tries to pressure you into a decision or sale on the spot. It is a big decision and not one that should be made lightly or quickly. It is fair to assume they will ply some normal sales tactics. Trying to seal the deal is just part of being in sales. Be wary of over the top pressures that make you uncomfortable. As a consumer, you want to ensure you are getting the best replacement window prices and cost that are available for your project. If their representative tries to pressure you, it should be an immediate red flag. Take your time, make intelligent scrutiny of the product and the company.

A purchase of replacement windows for your home is more than just buying windows. You are making a major investment for the improvement of your home and want to be absolutely confident in the company providing the product. Luckily, the market is full of manufacturers that have a long standing presence in the industry. This helps to make your job a bit easier. Do not feel dissuaded from using small, local manufacturers to find the best replacement window prices. Do your homework. Contact your local Better Business Bureau branch to see if they have any complaints against them. You can also ask them for references. If they have a contractor or a store that swears by their product for their customers, that is a good indication you are dealing with a high quality outfit. Contractors and hardware stores are in the same boat as window manufacturers. There are a lot of people offering like services and products; so they go the length to build a strong name for themselves. Those that aren't, do not understand their market.

Standard Features of Replacement Windows

There are a number of features that are available with the different styles and models of replacement windows. Some will be integral to the efficiency of the window while others will be more suited to specific needs. Separating the two and not getting sold on features you do not need will help you save money. Most features are incredibly useful for the demographic of consumers they are geared to; but are you part of that group? If not, why pay for a feature you're not going to need?


A strong warranty should be available with the replacement window cost. You are buying more than a window installation. You are buying an investment in the improvement of your home and its long-term energy efficiency. Having recourse if one of the windows happens to be faulty down the road can help save you a lot of time, money and frustration. Most quality window manufacturers stand by their product even years down the road. Be sure you understand the terms of the agreement. If a manufacturer offers a poor warranty or no warranty at all; keep shopping. Remember, this is your market!

Low-E Coating

A Low Emission coating is a standard part of the package when it comes to replacement window prices. This is a normal part of improving the energy efficiency and subsequently the efficiency of your home. You may find manufacturers that offer varying degrees of the coating or even additional coats as a feature. This is to be expected. A quality replacement window will have at least one Low-E coating on it.

High Performance Glass or Multi-Pane

Most replacement windows will feature a base inclusion of some form of highly efficient glass or multi-paned solution. These offer some of the most efficient types of windows for the investment. Other options may be available but be sure to inquire what the glass will include with your replacement window cost.

Custom Sizing

Choosing the right sized replacement windows for the job is a fairly important part of shopping for them. Most companies will have some custom sizing available of their windows within normal ranges. If you are opting for an out of the ordinary customization, it is likely you will be looking at an appreciable increase in the base replacement window prices.

Useful But Optional Features

This section of the guide will give you an idea of features you should look at that may not come standard with your window. It should not be expected to see these kinds of features in a base replacement window package though most manufacturers will be able to add them for an increase in the replacement window cost.

Triple-Pane Glazing and/or Inert Gas Insulator

The best replacement windows come with some sort of non-standard glass to improve the insulating qualities of the window. Triple-pane windows are some of the most efficient but usually are not part of a standard package offering. If you are purchasing multi-pane windows then it is prudent to inquire if it has an inert gas insulator. Companies will typically use Argon or Krypton gas between the panes to improve the window's efficiency.

Tilt Windows

Tilt windows are a feature that have been steadily creeping into standard use for most consumers. These windows allow you to conveniently tilt them inside of the home to clean the outside of the window with ease. This saves you the effort of trying to do it outside or simply hosing your windows off periodically. This is a feature that should definitely not be over-looked.

There are a number of other features available from different manufacturers for your replacement windows. Each will have something a little bit different to offer. This guide is meant to point you in the direction of what you absolutely want out of the replacement window cost. Standard prices of windows will run between $200 to $700 dependant on the level of customization of the window, manufacturer, and construction material. If you opt for a highly customized window (such as the frame) this could climb towards the $1,000 mark.

Remember; this is your market! Shop around until you are happy with the product, company, warranty, and prices. You want to be absolutely sure that the company will be there to help you 10 years down the road if a problem crops up.

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