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Guide to Bow Windows

The curvature of Bow Windows makes them ideal backdrops within the inside and outside of the home. Although they first made their mark on homes in the era of Britain's eighteenth century, Bow Windows are still included as a beautiful-aesthetic element in both British and American home designs.

Many homeowners choose them at the start of their building projects, while others install Bow Windows as part of a complete kitchen remodeling projects. Where are the popular locations that the Bow Windows are set within the home? The bow window can be place in just about any room with a consumers dwelling.

Nevertheless, the most fashionable areas that consumers choose to place them include the living room, dining room and within the kitchen area. They are also installed to fit within the decorative ensembles of sitting rooms, galleries in luxury homes and inside garden rooms. The characteristic of these types of scenic windows are marked by their 3D protrusion, which provides ample space within the inside of the home to place objects.

Yet, Bow Windows also make a bold and elegant statement within room additions like sunrooms, inside swimming pool areas and private spa spaces. Either way, the satisfaction of the homeowner, the benefits and the added value of installing the Bow Windows makes them well worth the cost and effort. These types of windows come in all kinds of styles and curvatures and they can be customized to fit the homeowners dwelling. For years to comes, consumers can enjoy the benefits of Bow Window installation with very little maintenance.

Bow Window Prices

When remodeling a portion of the home or replacing an existing window, the bow window prices are determined by the size and the time it takes for installation. The price for Bow Windows is also determined by the materials that are used to make them. Consumers have a choice in what kinds of materials their windows should have, including vinyl, wood or aluminum. These bay-like windows are also made with composite materials like fiberglass.

Although prices may vary amongst manufacturers, prices can diverge due to window upgrades, such as high-performance Bow Windows, which reduce water spotting and stay cleaner longer. Another option that can make a difference in price is the screen option. Some manufacturers provide special screens that are almost invisible to the naked eye, while others offer screen options that repel insects. Some Bow Windows come with cladding that offers superior fortification of the total sash from rain water.

Another factor that will affect the total cost of Bow Windows is the manner in which they are delivered. Because some Bow Windows come as a complete unit, and installation is sped up, the price may be slightly higher. Whatever the price consumers pay for these gently-arched windows, they will get full-advantage views of the lawn, street, and scenic areas beyond the home.

Custom Bow Windows

Consumers may take the option to customize frame accessories like the extension jambs. The extension jambs can be customized by windows size and wall thickness for the consumers' home. Optional seat boards and head boards can be installed directly at the time that the window is replaced or being remodeled.

Custom Bow Windows also come in a large variety of colors that homeowners can use to match with their existing interior colors and to compliment the outside paint and decor of the dwelling. Color choices include neutral shades like white or pine, and those that match modern interiors like satin nickel or distressed bronze.

Yet consumers can request bold colors like forest green or bright brass. Besides low-maintenance glass options for custom Bow Windows, there are also glass options that offer more privacy and aesthetic renderings. Glass options for more privacy include patterns like those in reed, fern, cascade or obscure.

Glass patterns with chief architectural designs and artistic patterns also make great ways for consumers to customize their Bow Windows. Stain glass art patterns are popular with a number of consumers, and some may feature patterns from 20th Century America, Southwestern Inspiration and even famous patterns from well-known artists like Frank Lloyd Wright. Additional framework may also be available for specific Bow Windows that feature artistic designs, including pine or laminated maple trims, accented jewels, and caming finishes that resist erosion.

Installing Bow Windows

Manufacturers provide ample custom accessories that are attached while installing Bow Windows. For instance, customers can choose from various sizes and colors of side-jamb clips, drip caps, extension jambs and exterior casing.

These galvanized sheet metal clips usually come with pre-punched holes, so that do-it-yourself consumers can easily insert the screws. Continuous drip caps can also be customized by color and length. The side-jamb clips are the tools that make installing Bow Windows much simpler and easier. Exterior casings feature auxiliary casings or laminated boards with rigid vinyl channels that repel water and can be installed in choice colors.

Bow Window Maintenance

For many consumers, there are many maintenance concerns within and outside the dwelling. So having Bow Windows that are virtually maintenance free brings an added addition to any dwelling. With double hung windows, consumers can easily clean the inside and outside of the window, by adjusting the locking mechanism and angle of the frame.

However, consumers may also choose single hung windows that have high-performance values, so that there is less spotting. Because most Bow Windows come with a high insulation value, there is usually no need to purchase extra materials to outfit the windows with materials that keep out cool air and keep the heat inside.

However, to clean double hung or single hung Bow Windows, consumers usually need a moist soft sponge or cloth to wipe around the edges, windows and hardware. Because of Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) technology, the coloring is hard to wear off on Bow Windows. Therefore, homeowners don't have to be concerned about fading or color scrapes for several years.

Bow Window Benefits

Besides having plenty of space to place ornaments, pictures and other objects that decorate the home with sentimental value, many consumers choose to make the area a center point for family gatherings. For instance, the bow window space can be used as an area to center the kitchen table. Another benefit of Bow Windows is that they can be used as a direct place to setup a curio cabinet or even an ornamental armoire, especially when the window is floor to ceiling length.

Besides being a great spot for a kitchen nook, Bow Windows also make enjoyable seating areas. Many homeowners build benches underneath the seat boards within the space created by floor-to ceiling Bow Windows.

Usually, these benches are used to store books, especially when the window area is used as a private reading library. Yet, they may also be used to store additional kitchen materials, like dinner napkins, placemats and table cloths.

One of the other great benefits of Bow Windows is that they are great spots for growing things. Even homeowners that have replaced a simple window with a bow window, which rests over a sink, have used the 3D space to grow house plants or miniature herb gardens. Yet, full-fledged Bow Windows, which expand several feet and are made with floor-to-ceiling design lengths, make great extended areas for growing gardens inside the home. After all, they let in plenty of sunshine that both homeowners and plants love.

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