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Adding Custom Bow Windows to Your Home

Custom bow windows are a home addition that change the look and feel of any living space instantly by allowing more natural light to come in an warm your home. A custom window can be made to fit your specifications, including size, color, and style.

Building Bow Windows

Custom bow windows are made to fit your home perfectly. Since all bow windows are built using specifications from the home that they are to be installed in, it isn't possible to purchase a standard sized bow window. You need to have a good idea of the size you prefer before you can actually make your order. Most bow windows are composed of three panes of glass. One central pane of glass is centered in the window, and two panes are arranged at an angle on each side of the central pane.

Custom bow windows are the perfect choice if you have a living space that looks out over a view that you love. You can choose any size window, but small to mid-sized options are best if you are looking for a window that maximizes stability and function. Large panes of glass may be easier to break, for example, and more costly to replace. Choosing to use panes of glass with grids installed will help make large panes of glass less fragile.

Installing Custom Windows

You will need to install a custom bow window differently than other windows. A bow window rests on a frame that extends from the wall of the home, with the central frame being approximately two feet away from the exterior wall of the house. The frame will also extend to the interior of the room, creating a shelf-like space in front of the window. Building the frame for your bow window is perhaps the most difficult aspect of installation.

A professional can install your custom bow windows easily. Talk to the installer about the types of framing materials that you would like to use for best results in matching the frame to the interior and exterior of the home. You will also have the option of using the wood of your choice to surround the panes of glass, as well. This flexibility will allow you to match the window to your personal decorating style easily.

Costs of Custom Bow Windows

The cost of your bow window will vary based on the size of the window and the type of materials that are used. You may want to research your options for materials carefully if you are on a budget by contacting an installer to provide an estimate for materials. Once you have decided which materials are best for your home, you can have your window installed quickly and easily by a professional.

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