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Installing Bow Windows

Installing bow windows will add a touch of elegance and light. It sticks out from the house and therefore provides more space. Unlike a bay window, the bow window is rounded out with a curve. They are very hard to put in place and can be extremely heavy, so you will need someone to help you hold it in place. It is not a terribly hard project, but requires technical expertise.

The first step in installing bow windows is making a brace for the main wall. You should use boards that are two by four inches. You can lean it against the ceiling just a few feet behind where the bow window will be placed. Then, you can put together a header, which is made with two boards that are two by eight inches or larger. Next, you need to make an opening. You will frame this opening for your bow window in relation to the size of the window that you will be putting in. Double-studs should be put in on both side of the header that was made.

Now, it is time to lift up the bow window. You will need at least three people while trying to lift it. The window must be placed levelly. You should put shims underneath the foot board in you need to. Then, you can just nail through the extension jambs and the framing studs. This should be done with tenpenny nail for finishing.

The next part of installing bow windows is measuring how high the window goes. You should now install a rough sill. This needs to be done by nailing the right size studs into the double-studs that were previously applied. This will occur under the header. The sill should then be nailed in. Cripples can then be installed underneath the new sill with one foot and four inches in between each one.

You need to place screw eyes into the tails of the rafter so you can secure a cable through them. The cables need to be fastened as tight as you can make them. If you need to, you can put in some knee braces in for support on the outside of the bow window.

Support cables should be given to you by the manufacturer of the bow window. Sometimes they even come already installed into them. These cables should be run from the lowest point of the foot board all the way to the top of the headboard. With just a few steps left in installing bow windows, you will apply flashing. This flashing should be placed on the sides and the bottom of the outside of the bow window. Next, you will need to install extension jambs that will be on the inside of the house. Fiberglass insulation should go around the window. Finally, you can insert the window's interior trim.

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