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Jalousie Windows

A Guide to Jalousie Windows

If you've been considering jalousie windows and wondering how to go about looking for or even describing them, you might be at a loss. Though the name "jalousie" may not be familiar, upon seeing these louvered-style windows, you would probably recognize them. If you're interested in learning the specifics of jalousie windows, this online guide can help you search for jalousie windows and find information on -- the pros and cons, replacement, parts, manufacturers and buying.

Jalousie Window Pros and Cons

There are many reasons jalousie windows have been around for hundreds of years and are still sought after by window buyers today. Their unique design is one attractive feature. They have parallel slats or louvers set into a frame and track and utilize a hand crank to open and close. Knowing the pros and cons of jalousie windows can help you get a more complete understanding of them. Here are some to consider.

Easy and Safer to Open and Close

The hand crank makes opening and closing jalousie windows easier than many other window types because it provides better leverage. While this may not seem significant, for those with limited mobility or strength, this benefit could be critical. Additionally, some manufacturers offer electrical opening devices that allow louver adjustment with the simple touch of a button. If jalousie windows are installed higher up or on another hard to reach surface, this feature affords further safety, ease of operation and peace of mind.

Greater Airflow

Unlike typical windows where only the bottom pane slides open, the entire window area is utilized in jalousie windows. Benefits from being able to open jalousies from top to bottom are greater airflow and improved air circulation and quality.

A Bigger View

If you've been looking for the ideal window through which to see your favorite vista, then a jalousie window may be your candidate. The louvered nature of jalousie windows makes for a larger viewing area.

Climate Control

More often, jalousie windows are found in tropical or warmer climates because they are excellent for ventilation. They maintain airflow; yet prevent rain from dripping in while open. The slanted design of the slats keeps rain out and allows air and ambient light in while effectively blocking direct sun. A quality jalousie window can be used to beautify a veranda, porch, or bathroom - at the same time reducing cooling costs. In areas where electricity is in shorter supply, or too costly, jalousie windows are valued because they help cut energy costs.

Jalousie Window Cons

Not all regions permit or are optimal for jalousie windows. In cold climates that require a good deal of insulation, jalousie windows can be challenging because they have less energy efficient sealing ability than other window types. Even when fully closed, they may have an improper seal resulting in drafts. Recently, however, this con has turned into a pro as more jalousie window manufacturers have begun making windows with improved seals and also security covers.

Jalousie windows can present security difficulties. Because of the louvered design, this style of window offers little protection against intruders - slats are easily pried open. Before you buy jalousie windows, it is crucial to know if your area allows jalousie windows or under what conditions. For instance, jalousies may be allowed if installed with a secure metal grill over the external side.

Replacing Jalousie Windows

Replacing jalousie windows takes skill and expertise. Whether you are interested in replacing a more traditional window (i.e., double hung) window with a jalousie window, installation must account for not only light but also air control and flow. When an experienced professional replaces your jalousie windows, you should expect warrantees, accurate installation and a competitive price. A qualified window specialist takes into consideration your home's design, structure, climate, codes and sees if you qualify for available tax rebates. Proper installation and replacement of jalousie windows will ensure that they improve the look, but also the value and energy efficiency of your home.

Typical Replacement Parts for a Jalousie Window

How easy jalousie window parts (or crank window parts) are to locate can be an important element when deciding to purchase jalousie windows. There is good news -- jalousie window parts are readily available (many online) through a number of reputable manufacturers.

Today, lower maintenance and easy repair have made jalousie windows more popular with consumers and builders alike. Repairing or replacing parts often can be accomplished with minimal mechanical skill and proper guidance. Many people choose to look online for jalousie windows parts. Slats, cranks and frames are the three searched for most frequently. Of these three, jalousie window operators or hand cranks are the most common part to fail. Comprised of a handle and crank gear these devices open and close the window. Greater usage makes this jalousie window part more likely to require repair or replacement. There are a variety of manufacturers' websites and other online how-to guides that can help.

Jalousie Window Manufacturers and Companies

Searching for jalousie window manufacturers online can be simple and stress free. Jalousie window makers offer a wide range of affordable and attractive designs that can enhance such spaces as a sunroom or porch. In the past, tropical regions with mild weather were the main climates in which jalousie windows were found.

Quality, Reliability and Choice

When you want superior products, wide choice and reliability, using a recognizable jalousie window manufacturer is wise. They are expert at providing durable, quality and low maintenance materials that withstand seasonal conditions and temperature changes. The process used to manufacture jalousie windows produces fade, peel and rot-resistant materials and models.

You may also want to choose jalousie windows that provide better protection of upholstery, drapery and carpeting from the effects of the sun.

Jalousie Windows and Energy Efficiency

Many people choose a jalousie window company on the basis of the manufacturer's window energy saving capabilities. Insulated glass is one energy-saving type. Energy-efficient jalousie windows come in a variety of designs and styles. Some homeowners interested in versatility and design choose the popular and durable cedar wood frame style. Additionally, jalousie window suppliers offer weather-tight windows in custom and standard sizes.


In recent years, manufacturers have improved the security of jalousie windows that, at one time, was a safety issue.

How to Buy a Jalousie Window

When deciding to buy replacement jalousie windows, it is prudent to follow a few simple guidelines:

  • Choose highly trained and experienced jalousie window replacement professionals
  • Be sure to use a bonded, reputable company
  • Find out if your installer will remove your old windows
  • Ask if your window installer will also provide repair services
  • Get an estimate or quote
  • Ask how long will installation take
  • Take advantage of free online jalousie window estimates

Jalousie Window Repairs and Maintenance

Over time, repairs may arise because your jalousie windows have many moving parts. Multiple slats, crank mechanisms and tracks are subject to mechanical problems, especially when exposed to dust, rain, wind and humidity. What are some of the typical repair and maintenance issues?

  • Fixing individual slats or cranks
  • Cleaning rust and oxidation that develop in the crank handle and the tracks
  • Replacing slats - they are prone to breakage since they are held in place by metal clips only, and have no frame or edge to them
  • Cleaning slats and cranks can present some difficulty. For example, if slats are narrow, they may have to be removed from the clips for cleaning.

How extensive your jalousie repairs and maintenance are will depend on your windows and the extent of damage or neglect they have sustained. How versed you are with window mechanics should also be considered. If repairing or replacing window parts (such as slats) is not your strength, then replacement may be your best alternative.

More on How Jalousie Windows Are Constructed

A series of parallel glass slats make up the majority of the jalousie window. Slats can also be constructed of wood, acrylic, or vinyl. The frames holding the slats are manufactured in a variety of materials. Which variety you choose depends on different factors including design, durability and energy efficiency. For instance, aluminum frames are rot-resistant but do no have the classic look or energy saving insulation of wood frames. The crank or handle is essential to opening and closing the slats and probably makes the jalousie window one of the more easily adjusted window types.

The horizontal measurement or width of the slats is typically longer than their vertical height. In fact, when there is only one slat and it is wider than 6 inches, jalousie windows become known as awning windows.

Jalousie Windows - Popular for Centuries

The name "jalousie" sounds a lot like "jealousy." This is no mistake. Jalousie comes from the French word for jealousy or "jaloux." Why then has this type of window been called, essentially, the jealous window?

Centuries ago in France, about the time of the 1600's, shutters or slats were used to cover the open area of windows. When the window slats were open they tipped downward. As a result, the person on the outside was unable to see the person inside. Conversely, whoever was on the interior had the benefit of being able to see the person outside. This presumably caused an unfair advantage and hence "jealousy." Although this is a rare window design trait and may be a benefit of jalousie windows, it can only begin to explain why these versatile windows have been a popular choice for well over 400 years!

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