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Jalousie Window Repair

Some of the most common jalousie window repair problems an owner will face are malfunctioning cranks, window sticking or broken glass. Whatever the difficulty, there are services and solutions available online that can cure even the most problematic jalousie or louvered windows. Though jalousie window repair may be simple, complications can ensue.

With respect to window sticking or failure to open, jalousie window repair is easier than a standard double hung window. For example, once the jalousie window is opened, clean the entire perimeter (both sash and frame) with mild detergent and water then wipe it dry with a clean cloth. Additionally, using light silicone lubricant on the various window parts often fixes most sticking and opening problems. The crank or opening mechanism should also be lubricated at this time for better ease of operation.

Common Repairs for Jalousie Windows

Window Operator or Crank - Replace or Repair?

One of the most typical repair or replacement malfunctions with jalousie windows is with the handle and crank or operator. This affects opening and closing the window. The handle is attached to a crank, which turns a small gear. This action forces a long bar attached to the window to open or shut it. While most of the time the handle itself simply needs to be replaced, there are instances when the entire unit needs replacement. Jalousie window repair guides are available on the Internet at a variety of websites. Finding one to fit any model or manufacturer should not be too difficult.

Alignment Problems

Occasionally, window alignment becomes a problem and louvered or jalousie window repairs are necessary. This is due to the repeated use. A set of metal stops along the track gets pushed out farther over time, making windows difficult to use. The fix, however, is relatively simple and can be accomplished with the help of one other person. As the assistant pushes from outside, the window is cranked shut. At this point, the screen is removed, and the window stops can be accessed to bring them back into proper alignment.

Metal Arm Servicing

Another common part of jalousie windows that needs repair or service is the metal arm that is attached to the crank mechanism. It can become bent or deformed if the window is forced close. Again, thee fix may be easy to do. After finding a source for jalousie window parts, the old piece can be taken out by removing a few screws. The process is reversed to install the new part. The window should now have a greater range of movement and glide effortlessly on the new arm.

Operator Rivet Repair

One final problem that often occurs when repairing jalousie windows is that the rivet holding the operator assembly to the window wears out over time. This can prevent the window from opening. The old rivet needs to be drilled out and replaced by a new one to correct the problem.

Replace Or Repair - What Is Your Best Option?

Jalousie window repair can be simple or complex. If window replacement seems a better choice than searching for parts and tackling the servicing yourself, then get your free, no obligation windows quote, and also see how much the new tax credit could save you, fill out this brief form.