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Jalousie Window Benefits

Though less familiar than other windows types, jalousie windows have many benefits to consider. The first benefit of jalousie (crank or louvered) window is a larger opening area. This is because there are frames that contain multiple slats of glass instead of one continuous pane of glass. The slats are attached to a device inside the window frame and controlled with a crank handle. Turning the crank in one direction tilts the slats and opens the window. Moving the crank in the other direction folds the overlapping slats down causing the window to close.

Greater Airflow

Unlike typical windows where only the bottom pane slides open, a jalousie window benefits from being able to open from top to bottom (when the slats are fully horizontal). The entire window area is therefore utilized in jalousie windows causing greater airflow and improved air circulation and quality.

A Bigger View

If you've been looking for the ideal window for your favorite vista, then a jalousie window may be your candidate. The louvered nature of jalousie windows makes for a larger viewing area

Repairing Jalousies

Another jalousie window benefit is the ability to remove and replace the glass slats. Should the need arise, the slats can be replaced with a variety of glass or other materials such as frosted glass, clear glass, or even wood or aluminum. This will allow the window design to change if you choose to redecorate or remodel an existing room.

There are even different types of installations that can give a custom look to your windows. It is possible to create different areas around a jalousie window. One example is to place a large picture window above a jalousie window. Flexibility and beauty are cornerstones of jalousie windows and allow you multiple design and cost options.

Safety Benefits of Jalousie Windows

Perhaps an overlooked benefit of jalousie windows is added safety. The hand crank makes opening windows easier than other window types because of better leverage. For those with limited mobility or strength, this could be a significant plus. Some manufacturers even offer electrical opening devices so that windows can be adjusted with the touch of a button.

Jalousie Windows Are Cost-Effective

Jalousie windows are also cost-effective. Why can they be less expensive than traditional windows? Over time, if a window is damaged, only the slats that have been damaged need replacing, not the entire window and frame. In the same vein, if there is damage and parts need to be replaced, only those specific parts will require replacement.

The many benefits jalousie windows offer makes them an excellent choice for homeowners who are looking to invest in a versatile and unique type of window.

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