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Vinyl Window Pros and Cons

It is estimated that nearly half of all replacement windows bought in the United States are made from vinyl! Few products get that sort of endorsement. Nevertheless, as with all things in life, there are two sides to every story.

Buying replacement vinyl windows, is an important decision and bears looking into all the pros and cons associated with your new windows. Quality vinyl windows vs. inferior ones can affect the value, safety and comfort of your home for many years. How to go about finding reliable information and therefore getting the best, affordable vinyl replacement windows is essential. The following is designed to help you evaluate the pros and cons of vinyl window replacement.

Vinyl Window Manufacturers Pros and Cons

There are multitudes of vinyl window companies, manufacturers and distributors. This is good news as far as competitive pricing, but not so good when it comes to weeding out the reliable from the fly-by-night establishments. How then do you locate vinyl window manufacturers or companies you'd put in the "pro" column?

By inference, most shoppers would consider a vinyl window manufacturer or distributor who has been in business for over 100 years a dependable company. It's safe to say longevity is a good benchmark. Brand recognition is another. Household names like Anderson, Pella, Marvin Windows or Home Depot are associated with quality and longevity in vinyl replacement windows.

You might want to make your own personal "pros" and "cons" list. For instance, write down what characteristics you want and don't want from your new vinyl windows and in the buying experience itself. Rate what features are most and least important to you like quality, price and friendly service. This list will help you match your needs to a manufacturer, company or installer who can serve you best.

Regardless of what other people write in various ratings and reviews about brand recognition, reputation or the magnitude of a vinyl window replacement company, the final decision is yours. Online research and even a little soul searching will aid you in scoping out the pros and cons of the vinyl windows you want and need.

Vinyl Window Ratings Pros or Benefits

What qualities have made vinyl windows a celebrity among window type? Simply they offer many benefits that altogether eclipse many other window types. For instance, unlike wood windows, vinyl windows don't require painting and are scratch and rot-resistant. These features make for low or no maintenance and added durability.

Pros - Installing, Design and Saving Energy

Often, vinyl windows are pre-fabricated which both greatly reduces the price and simplifies installation. Those with an eye for design can appreciate vinyl windows' wide variety of colors and that they are completely customizable. For the energy conscious, energy efficient vinyl replacement window can help reduce the overall cost of cooling and heating your home.

Vinyl Windows Cons:

Though vinyl windows have many positive attributes, they may not be for everyone and there are a few downsides or cons to vinyl windows. They can fade with time and are not made to absorb paint or stain. So, the color you buy is the color you stick with. The texture might not be suited for every house because it has a more plastic-like look.

If you live in a climate with severe weather, you should check with a window expert to verify if vinyl windows are resilient enough for the region.

Some prefer a thinner looking window frame than vinyl windows' thicker or chunkier design. Also, while vinyl replacement windows do provide insulation, they are less efficient than wood windows.

In spite of the fact that vinyl replacement windows are the most popular type of window in the United States, you should take time to weigh the pros and cons of vinyl windows in advance of buying them.

Vinyl Windows Pros and Cons - Composition

Vinyl replacement windows are known for their lower price as compared with other window styles. This makes them not only the most popular window but also possibly the most misspelled. "Vinyl" is often confused with "vynil." Nevertheless, spelling is of little concern. It is the qualities and benefits - the pros over the cons that make vinyl replacement windows the top choice among U.S. window shoppers - 50% of the replacement windows are vinyl.

What materials comprise this wonder substance called vinyl and what are its pros and cons? The stuff that window frames are made of determines the windows type. For instance, the common ones are wood, aluminum and of course vinyl.

However, when investigating the pros and cons of vinyl windows you may find them listed under names other than vinyl. Why? Windows manufacturers who produce vinyl frames for their replacement windows do this with a synthetic substance call polyvinyl chloride or "pvc." Basically, pvc is a form of plastic. Another name used for a similar substance (typically used in flooring) is called linoleum.

So, if you want to find vinyl window pros and cons, you might find it useful to search for pvc window pros and cons or linoleum pros and cons as well. In the same vein, a vinyl window replacement manufacturer who makes or sells pvc windows may advertise vinyl, plastic, pvc or linoleum type windows.

Vinyl Windows Pros and Cons - Wood

What type of window you select is a major home repair or improvement decision that will affect you and your home well into the future. So, what are the pros and cons of selecting vinyl over say wood? Compatibility with your home's design, age and architecture should be factored into your decision.

If you have an older more traditional home, do the pros of vinyl outweigh the cons even when compared with wood replacement windows? Perhaps, but it may help you choose if you are aware that vinyl windows with a wood-look or wood grain overlay are available.

Despite the cons of wood windows, many people still favor them over vinyl. Getting to know the pros and cons of vinyl and wood replacement windows is time well-spent and will certainly cut down the possibility of buyer's remorse.

Online Vinyl Ratings - An Advantage

Shopping online helps you get ratings, reviews and access to a wide range of pros and cons on vinyl replacement windows. Review what others say, comparison shop from the comfort of your own home and take advantage of free online estimates so that you can purchase the best vinyl windows from top-rated and reviewed vinyl widow manufacturers and companies.

To find the best vinyl window pros, cons, options, free estimates, discounts, and special offers, take a moment to fill out the brief form located on this page and we will assist you.