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Vinyl Window Sizes

When considering replacing vinyl windows, one of the first concerns is how to get the right measurement. You want the size(s) of your new vinyl windows to match that of the windows you are replacing. Certainly, it can't take a rocket scientist to measure and replace vinyl windows with the dimensions you need. Unfortunately, the process of size and windows may not take a Steven Hawking, but can be complicated.

Standard Vinyl Window Sizes - Myth or Reality?

The good news is that the number of vinyl windows companies and manufactures is plentiful which gives you more selection. The stumbling block to this is that each one has their own set of windows types which beget a vast array of vinyl window sizes, dimensions and measurements. Suppose you want to buy new vinyl windows from Pella or Milgard, but your old windows are Anderson windows. Conceivably, the sizes you thought were standard or common windows sizes are not and are incompatible between brands.

Type of Vinyl Window - Size Variations

The more common the window type (i.e., single or double hung windows), the more luck you may have finding the window size you need. That said, there are ranges of sizes that vinyl replacement windows come in. Typically, double or single hung windows are sized about 24 to 30 inches wide and approximately 48 to 56 inches high.

Different Rooms - Different Window Sizes

Each room in you home can dictate not only the type of vinyl window you choose but also its size. Ranges of windows sizes, though not specific, can give you a better idea of the typical sizes available.

Prefabricated Vinyl Replacement Windows

Again, though prefabricated windows sound as though they would be made in standard sizes, it is wise to check with the vinyl window manufacturer and/or company such as Anderson, Pella or Milgard. Even larger retail outlets like Home Depot or Lowe's may not have the vinyl windows sizes you need as they cater more to new construction sizing.

Nevertheless, here are some common prefabricated vinyl window sizes:

Vinyl Window Sizes - Height:

  • 17 in
  • 24 in
  • 29 in
  • 35 in
  • 41 in
  • 47 in
  • 53 in
  • 59in

Vinyl Window Sizes - Width:

  • 19 in
  • 24 in
  • 36 in
  • 47 in
  • 69 in

Rather than risk buying the wrong size vinyl replacement window, insure that you get accurate sizes by using a licensed, bonded window replacement expert who is skilled in measuring your windows and can get you the sizes you need. Your replacement window professional should help review your vinyl replacement window prices, options, discounts, guarantees and special offers.

So, take a moment to fill out the brief form located on this page and we will assist you.