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Awning Window Installation

Awning windows are one of the more popular styles with those wishing to replace old windows or installing new ones. Many homeowners who are considering either new window installation or upgrading or repairing old windows find that investigating reviews, forums, instruction manuals or online guides helps them better choose awning windows.

Benefits of Awning Window Installation

Energy Savings

With higher energy costs straining most homeowners' budgets, having lower utility bills is a primary benefit that installing awning windows can provide. Their tightly fitting frames create a seal that effectively keeps out drafts. Fewer drafts means lower costs in both heating and cooling your home. During seasonal weather fluctuations, your home's comfort level remains consistent.

Fresh Air Control

Unlike many traditional window models (i.e. double hung) that only permit you to open one-half of a window at a time, awning windows let you open the entire window area. This allows for better control of ventilation throughout your home.


When awning window installation is done right, windows function easily because they have a hinge on the top and open outward. A benefit of this design is that windows can be opened in the rain while keeping water out. By contrast, traditional casement style windows let rain into your home when not completely shut. This can result in water damage.


For areas where crime is an issue, awning windows provide greater home security. Designed with securely locking window frames, awning windows prevent would-be intruders from more easily forcing your windows open to access your home. Depending on the brand of awning window you choose, you may want to install enhanced security screens. These screens should be selected to fit your particular awning window models.

There are also insurance companies that offer homeowners special discounts when windows have been installed to meet particular security and safety standards. When installing or having awning windows installed by a professional, look into discounts, credits and rebates that may be available on safety or security windows.

Versatility of Awning Windows

If you are looking to upgrade or repair your current windows and considering awning window installation, know that many manufacturers make this variety of window. Because of this, awning windows come in a wide selection sizes and materials including aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass and wood.

A basement area can also benefit from awning window installation because the handle or crank operator allows you to adjust the window and more simply regulate ventilation. When used in a basement, you can better control problems such as mold growth, moisture build up and odors.

Cleaning awning windows can be accomplished from the inside by opening the window completely and reaching between the sash and frame.

Awning windows are constructed with attractive grids available in either a standard, contoured or brass design. Mixing awning window with other styles such as casement, bay or double-hung can work to compliment each window's style, appearance and capabilities.

To find the best Awning Window options, discounts, and special offers, take a moment to fill out the brief form located on this page and we will assist you.

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