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Awning Window Parts

Window awnings are a unique and decorative addition to any home that can help to give the exterior a new and vibrant look. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, there are many other benefits to window awnings. Window awnings help to add protection from the elements and lower home energy costs, as monthly air conditioning bills will be reduced. They also provide shade protection from the sun and help home owners to avoid the unnecessary costs of replacement furniture for faded items. Before purchasing a window awning, it is necessary to gain information about the different awning window parts, including the fabric, frame, and mounting hardware.


There are many different types of fabric awning shapes to choose from when trying to find awning window parts, and the type that a person should use can be influenced by the type of window. For example, a person can choose from a Valiant Canvas Awing, Visor Window Awning, Canvas Door Awning, Retractable Window Awning, Cascading Canvas Awnings, and a variety of other options. The size of the fabric is also dependent upon the window, but they typically range from 46 to 120 inches, although custom orders larger or smaller than that range are not uncommon.

Frame and Other Parts

Typical awning window parts include a frame, made from one inch aluminum tubing. Typically, the hardware is formed from galvanized steel. Many window awnings also feature a valance to provide additional protection from the elements. Awning assembly kits generally include the frame, fabric cover, and mounting hardware, and parts can be purchased separately for awning window repair projects.

Mounting Hardware

When installing awning window parts, it is necessary to use the appropriate mounting hardware. Generally, this mounting hardware is what needs to be replaced during an awning window repair. Typically this hardware is around 3/16 inches think and one inch wide with rolled edges. It will also have corner screw holes to create solid contact with both the base and the sides of the bracket. The installation will require the use of camel back brackets, which attach the support arms and the outer canopy rafters. Two of the rafters serve as the mounting points to support the arms, and these two rafters are found on the edges of the canopy.

To install, the support arms should be attached to the brackets, which should already be mounted on the edge of the canopy. The head of the bolt should also be on the outside in order to prevent tearing of the fabric. The canopy rafters should then be attached to the front edge trim of the window, which should have previously been installed. It is necessary to then make sure the canopy supports are on the outside of the rafter, and both other canopy rafters should be attached to the top trim. After the center canopy rafter is attached to both the front and top trim, it is then ready to be mounted to the house above the window. These instructions will also be helpful in the case that an awning window repair is ever needed.

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