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Awning Window Repair Tips

An awning style window, while not as popular as either the double hung or casement models, nevertheless has its place in many homes. Designers are able to find a place for these units in different rooms which helps to accentuate the interior decor. As with any other type of device that has moving parts, it will require periodic maintenance at some point. Awning window repair is not that difficult, since the number of actual components is rather small.

Contractors favor these types of units, because awning window problems are relative easy to fix. Probably the most common problem is an issue with sticking. This is quickly solved by cleaning around the frame and sash with a mild detergent, then applying a silicone-based spray to both areas. Of course this is not the only issue that homeowners have, and sometimes it is necessary to remove awning window components in order to ascertain what is wrong.

A major area of awning window repair is the operator control unit. It consists of a handle attached to a crank that drives a gear which opens the unit. Any one of these pieces can wear out over time, and finding the right one to replace is a simple matter of deduction. The handle is quite evident; it won't turn or becomes sloppy when trying to let in some fresh air. The gear can become stripped or worn, which will make the unit hard to open. Most of the common awning window problems will be of this nature, so the hardest part is trying to find the correct replacement part.

In order to remove awning window operators, there are a couple of screws at the base of the sash that need to be taken out first. There is also the attachment point on the arm itself that can be easily removed by anybody with basic mechanical skills. That is another great feature for homeowners everywhere who like to fix things on their own. Almost all awning window repair issues require only simple hand tools that many households already have.

Most people can remove awning window operators without too much difficulty. The unit can then be inspected to determine what item is need of replacement. Parts are readily available online, and can be found through a number of outlets. This makes taking care of most awning window problems relatively easy. An awning window repair can usually be accomplished in less than a day once the part has arrived.

Two of the other common problems are broken glass panes and leaks. The former should be given to a glass professional, but the latter can be done by the homeowner. Weather-stripping can be applied to the area between jamb and sash in order to seal out the weather. This is one of the easiest possible window repairs and also helps the green movement too.

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