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Guide to Single Hung Windows

Homeowners researching replacement windows will find many styles available. This guide to single hung windows will help you determine whether or not they may be a good choice for your home. Single hung windows are slowly losing popularity in the replacement window markets as double hung windows provide more convenience. Some manufacturers do not even produce single hung windows as part of their normal catalog anymore. The good news is, there are still plenty of companies that do. Even those that no longer produce single hung windows often still provide support and produce replacement parts for repairs to their products. Even though technology changes, companies know that the windows in your house will be there for a long time.

What are Single Hung Windows?

Single hung windows differ from double hung in that the top portion of the window is in a fixed state. The resident can not open it or slide the screen up to allow ventilation through the top portion. A double hung window gives the resident more versatility in how they choose to ventilate their living space. Sliding the screen up allows them to pull the upper sash down. A single hung window may have a tilting lower sash for ease of cleaning. The upper sash is fixed and will not tilt.

What are the Benefits of a Single Hung Window?

A single hung window can provide many of the same benefits that any other type of window will. This is mainly in efficiency and presentation of style of the product. A shopper can expect an Energy Star labeled single hung window to perform just as well as any other type of Energy Star window. The primary benefit of a single hung window is for homeowners on a tight budget or that prefer a more simple approach. Since it has fewer moving parts, a single hung window can be much cheaper than other available models. This will largely depend on the materials used for construction, sizes, and any other features for efficiency a homeowner wants.

What are the Drawbacks of a Single Hung Window?

A single hung window really does not offer many options to the resident for use. If a resident has children, a double hung window can be opened from the top to allow for ventilation while keeping the children away from the opening. A single hung window that opens only from the bottom will not give that kind of flexibility or freedom.

Cleaning becomes a bit more of a chore for a single hung window. The lack of ability for the top sash to tilt in means the homeowner will need to clean the window from the outside when they want to. Due to this fact, resale value may not be as high as a double hung window would provide.

Are Single Hung Windows Right for My Home?

The primary motivation for many homeowners in looking at single hung windows over other models will be their budget. This traditional style of window has been on the market for a long time and served its purpose well for a number of different homes and families. For most people, it will offer an affordable and efficient alternative to more expensive double hung windows. If you have other considerations; such as children or pets that like to explore, then the single hung window may not be the best choice for your home.

What about Single Hung Window Installation?

For industrious home owners that like Do-It-Yourself projects, the single hung window is a fairly easy installation job when compared to other types. They generally feature far less hardware which makes them lighter and easier to work with. One should feel comfortable with performing Do-It-Yourself work before deciding on a self-installation. While it can save money on the actual installation, one can expect much larger costs to be incurred in the event that repairs or a correction is needed. An incorrect installation can do damage to the window frame and inside of the wall while adding inefficiency to the window itself. A homeowner will also want to check into how this will affect any warranties or guarantees on the windows. Some manufacturers will not honor the warranty if the windows are not installed by authorized personnel.

Will I be able to find Repair or Replacement Parts?

Manufacturers generally operate under the assumption that their product will be in your home for an extended period of time. Even as technology changes and adapts, most still continue to produce replacement parts for windows they have offered in the past. This is especially true with companies that put a high degree of focus on ensuring their product lasts a long time. The best place to look for replacement parts for a single hung window will generally be the manufacturer. A homeowner should also be aware of what actions will void their warranty if it is still intact. Unauthorized personnel conducting repairs will generally void a warranty regardless of the type of product it happens to be.

Single hung windows are a great consideration for homeowners on a budget that want to find a solid replacement window. They do not offer all the conveniences that more advanced models offer. The single hung window has long served the public in a variety of buildings over the course of many years. Though they are slowly moving out of style to more efficient and friendly models, they still provide a solid solution for a homeowner's replacement window needs.

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