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Single Hung Window Manufacturers

The search for a quality manufacturer that will provide the assistance a homeowner needs down the road is an important part of choosing a single hung window. The following single hung window manufacturers are provided as a list of convenience for you to begin your search with. It is not meant to be exhaustive, nor is it meant to be an endorsement of these particular companies or their products. Only thorough research will be able to determine what product and manufacturer is right for you and your home.

Be advised, single hung windows are a product that are slowly starting to evolve out of production. Though they can be an excellent cost saving measure, many single hung window manufacturers are ceasing production on them in favor of more modern styles. The good news is that most single hung window manufacturers will provide support for their products even after they are phased out of general production. One does not necessarily need to worry about not being able to find repair parts further down the road.

Pella Windows

For more than 85 years Pella Windows has offered a solid, quality product to consumers. Though they are slowly coming out of the general production pool, Pella offers single hung windows as part of its normal catalog. Production materials include fiberglass composite, vinyl, and a variety of different types of woods to match a homeowner's tastes. Their long standing brand means a homeowner can look forward to the support they need from their single hung window manufacturer into the future.

Silverline Windows

Silverline Windows is a subsidiary of Andersen Windows. They specialize in creating vinyl products for the replacement window and new construction window markets. Their offering of a single hung window is to continue to offer the scope of products that allows a homeowner to make the decision they want to make for their home. The actual choice of variety of single hung windows from Silverline Windows is very narrow. At the time of writing, they currently only offer one single hung model.

Gorell Windows and Doors

Gorell Windows and Doors is a company you may not have heard of in the general replacement windows market. Though they are not as well known as some of their competitors, they have been in the market of replacement windows since 1947. They currently offer a vinyl single hung window as part of their normal catalog. Like many manufacturers, Gorell is focused on adapting towards the changing trends in the replacement windows market. At the time of writing, Gorell offers only one type of vinyl single hung window model.


EcoWin is a relatively new replacement window company that was founded as a subsidiary of a German company by name of REHAU. With over 170 locations worldwide, EcoWin is in an advantageous position to meet the demands of several markets with its uPVC windows. They currently offer one style of single hung window to consumers. Though EcoWin is a newer company, its parent company is an entity that has stood for decades providing quality replacement products across a variety of industries.

AlumaCraft Products

One will not find massive marketing or a wide series of products from AlumaCraft Products. Instead, a consumer will find a company focused on the production of a variety of aluminum goods. Since 1964, AlumaCraft Products has been meeting the needs of its local customers which allowed it to grow into a nationwide provider. Like many of the aforementioned companies, AlumaCraft Products only has one style of aluminum single hung window to offer to homeowners at the time of writing.

Lawson Industries, Inc.

Lawson Industries was established in 1960 and has been providing solid product to its customers ever since. The company provides a pair of different types of single hung window as part of its normal catalog. One is a Hurricane Guard window, built to withstand nature's punishment. The other is a general use single hung window more appropriate to areas of milder weather. Their products are crafted from aluminum which provides a high degree of protection and stands to the elements well. Though based in Florida, Lawson Industries has a wide variety of dealers across the country.


Jeld-Wen began in 1960 with just one millwork plan in the Pacific North-west. A high dedication to quality product and service to its customers allowed it to grow and blossom into a nationwide entity. Jeld-Wen still offers a series of four single hung windows to the public. One pair is vinyl, the other pair is aluminum. Both offer a basic and a more extensive model with some bells and whistles. At four single hung windows, Jeld-Wen offers about the widest choice in single hung window models one will be able to find.

The Future of Single Hung Windows

Looking at these manufacturers, a homeowner will undoubtedly note that there is simply not a large offering of single hung windows to be had anymore. This is not because it is an unsound product, but rather just the forward progress of technology in the replacement window industry. Single hung windows provide a good alternative for a homeowner on a tight budget. Those not on a tight budget may do well to consider alternatives to this style of window. Benefits such as rebates and increased home equity go hand-in-hand with double hung and other styles of window. In addition, if a homeowner opts to sell their home they will find different styles of windows may become a selling point to a perspective buyer. The decision made for single hung windows should not be one made out of just a need to replace windows, but rather be considered with the many factors that go with it.