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Single Hung Window Repair

Single hung window repair is a necessary requirement to keep the windows in good working order. As time passes and they are exposed to weathering, continued use, and abuse; they will undoubtedly need some repair work done to them. Objects with moving parts will see them wear out and cause difficulty in operating the window in a normal fashion.

Before undertaking any repairs or major maintenance procedures on your own; verify that it does not interfere with whatever warranty you currently have standing on the product. Most companies will void a warranty on a given product if unauthorized personnel conduct repairs or major maintenance on their product. You want to ensure you protect the integrity of the warranty by not voiding it over a minor repair you decided to do yourself.

Symptoms and Indicators

The different ways that your single hung window may act will give you an idea of what exactly is wrong with it. Pinpointing what is going on will allow you to determine if it is a job that you can handle yourself or something you should consult a professional for.

Difficulty in Operation

One of the most common problems to run into with single hung windows is a difficulty in operation. This can result from any number of problems. If the bottom sash will not slide up and down smoothly without a lot of effort; it is likely that there is a problem with the counter-weights. They might have come off the connecting cord or slipped off of the pulley that it runs through. If it is a wood frame, the wood may have swollen from exposure to moisture and warped over time.

The window moving in a jagged fashion can indicate that the window wasn't installed plumb originally. A good way to check this is to see how the operation of the rest of the hardware in the window is. Are the window latches easily usable? If not, it may be a problem with the installation. To verify how well the window is set, one can take a tape measure and measure diagonally across the entire inside of the window; from top left corner to bottom right corner, from top right corner to bottom left. The measurements should be about the same; within a quarter inch of one another. If they are not, the window is not straight and repair will entail a reinstallation or reshimming of the window.

Locating Replacement Parts

Replacement parts for single hung window repair can be found in a number of locations. The best place to start will generally be with the manufacturer of your windows. Many manufacturers continue to produce the hardware for repairs of their products even after the stop primary production on it. This is a result of the nature of the replacement window industry in general. Your windows will be in your home for decades; so they want to ensure that you are able to maintain their product with ease.

Hardware stores carry a variety of replacement parts and kits for replacement windows. Another popular item is the Sash Replacement Kit. With a lot of use and extended amount of time, one may find that the mobile bottom sash has simply worn out from use. It might permit easy transfer of weather and energy through the window itself. In this case, the Sash Replacement Kit will allow a homeowner to make the necessary changes to protect the integrity of the window.

Do-It-Yourself repairs on single hung replacement windows are not a very difficult affair most of the time. When you are looking for replacement parts or advice, always start with the manufacturer of the windows. Remember, always protect your warranty and know what voids it before you undertake any repair work yourself.