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Single Hung Window Replacement

Opting for single hung window replacement is a choice that many homeowners will consider. Some simply do not need the extra convenience that a double hung window offers. Others want to save money on their replacement windows. Single hung windows are typically less expensive than their counterparts due to less moving parts in general. What follows is an exploration of some of the benefits and drawbacks of choosing single hung window replacement for your home. These things, in addition to your own personal circumstances, should figure into your considerations for buying replacement windows.

Benefits of Single Hung Window Replacement

One will typically enjoy a lower cost for single hung window replacement than they would with other models and styles. The reason is that they feature less moving parts than other models of replacement window. This translates into savings for the company on how much it costs to produce the window which is then passed on to the customer.

Single hung windows can be bought with many of the same kind of features one can get with double hung windows. This may include things such as UV coatings, increased energy efficiency features, or multi-paned glass with inert gas insulators.

If a homeowner would like to do a self-install to help save some money, single hung window replacements are a good option. The lower amount of hardware involved in the production of the window makes them lighter and easier to maneuver. While it is easier to install this type of window, we still do not recommend performing this job unless you are very comfortable with it. The amount of damage that can be done to your window framing and inside of the wall can easily dwarf the cost it would have taken to utilize a professional installer or contractor. If they make a mistake, you have recourse. If you make a mistake, then you just get to eat the cost.

Single hung windows are still able to offer high degrees of energy efficiency to a home. Energy Star products are continuously tested and the requirements updated. As time moves forward, we will see more and more of these products disappear from the Energy Star listing. The reason is not because they were not good products now or at the time; but because the shifting standards in the industry are advancing. With many window manufacturers not moving forward with single hung window development, drop off from the listings is inevitable.

Drawbacks of Single Hung Window Replacement

As we have mentioned many times, single hung windows are slowly rotating out of the industry. While many companies will provide support for their products years into the future, the choices of newer styles or models is slim to nonexistent. Most manufacturers only offer a handful of single hung replacement window styles at most.

Homeowners looking to add equity and resale appeal to their home may not find single hung windows to be a good choice for replacement. Single hung windows are viewed more as a tool of necessity rather than of convenience. The inability for the upper sash to move is a detriment that takes convenience away from a homeowner. If one has small children or pets that like to explore, being able to open the top sash allows natural ventilation while not exposing the screen to the would-be explorer. The fixed top sash of a single hung window also means that cleaning it must be done from the outside. To some prospective home buyers, this is a potential turn off.

Single hung window replacements will have a large number of features unavailable to them. This is simply due to manufacturers slowly phasing out support of single hung window replacements in favor of more modern double hung, casement, and other styles. If you are interested in specific features to help the efficiency of your windows, one will want to ensure they are actually available from a manufacturer on a single hung style.

Considering Between Single Hung Windows and Others

A homeowner will be weighing many things as they decide which route to go for their replacement window installation. There is a lot of information to be had and to sift through to be able to reach an informed conclusion. While single hung windows may look like a great investment now, they may not turn out to be the case if you need or want to resell your home. Double hung windows are becoming a primary staple of the replacement window industry due to their diversity and measures of convenience.

Another factor that one should consider boils down to recouping the cost. Energy Star rated double hung windows are tested and verified to allow them to pay for themselves within a limited time frame. You will make your money back in savings on your energy bills over the course of the next few years. Many companies, the government, and utility companies also a variety of rebates on getting more efficient windows installed. Some may apply to single hung windows, some may not. With the addition of rebates, one can see prices on different styles of replacement window come down even further.

The decision for single hung window replacement will largely depend on your own personal needs, goals, and what you intend to do with the home in the future. They may appear to be the least expensive choice when presented with simple side-by-side comparison; but nothing with replacement windows is that simple.