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Residential Aluminum Windows Remain Popular

In addition to aluminum's pedigree, its many benefits have made residential aluminum windows widespread. A quality essential to good windows is their ability to challenge corrosion. Aluminum goes to the front of the line on this because it is rust-resistant. Steel windows are also rust-free but much more expensive and heavy. Aluminum windows are durable yet surprisingly lightweight because aluminum is a low density material.

Aluminum windows are not only a top choice in residential windows, but also in the highly regulated commercial aluminum windows arena. This speaks favorably about their quality, sturdiness and desirability.

Aluminum Windows Manufacturers and Companies

Today in modern times, the sizable number of aluminum windows manufacturers and companies has made the availability of aluminum windows much greater. What are some of the household names or larger companies who make and or sell residential aluminum windows? The list is very long but here are some of the better known manufacturers and distributors:

  • Pella Windows
  • Andersen Windows (frequently spelled Anderson Windows)
  • Marvin Windows
  • Home Depot
  • Lowes
  • Milgard Windows
  • General Aluminum Windows
  • Alenco Aluminum Windows
  • Traco Aluminum Windows
  • Efco Aluminum Windows
  • Kawneer Aluminum Windows

Comparisons to Aluminum Windows

Residential aluminum replacement windows make up a larger part of the home improvement market. Comparing the various types and styles can be overwhelming. Knowing certain areas in which to focus can help you determine which aluminum windows or doors style you want and need and how aluminum ranks next to other residential window types such as vinyl, steel, wood, fiberglass or composite.

Below is a list of important areas to assess when shopping for residential aluminum replacement windows:

  • Durability (resistance to fading, rusting, mold, and general deterioration)
  • Design qualities
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Ability to be customized
  • Availability
  • Price
  • Ease of InstallationCost of Installation
  • Overall Pros and Cons
  • Need for Cladding

Sizing Residential Windows

Measurement and sizing factor heavily into the purchasing of your new aluminum windows. The sizes of aluminum residential windows vary widely. If the windows you are replacing are older, finding and exactly matching their sizes may be next to impossible.

Measuring and finding the aluminum window size(s) you need doesn't seem like it should take genius ability. However, replacing aging residential windows is often times, a more complicated process than planned for due to size problems.

Standard Residential Window Sizes

You'd think that the large number of windows companies and manufacturers in existence today and their numerous window selections would mean the size you need is readily available. Alas, each aluminum window manufacturer has their own particular set of windows types and styles which means they offer a multitude aluminum residential window sizes, dimensions and measurements that are not necessarily those that are the sized according you your existing windows.

Even the larger home improvement chains such as Home Depot or Lowe's do not necessarily carry your size or have a standard aluminum window sized. The truth is there are common window sizes but the variations in size are staggering.

Replacing Aluminum Windows

Residential aluminum replacement windows can increase your home's value, beauty and overall comfort. Wide selection has made aluminum windows available in a vast array of styles. Typical residential aluminum window types include single hung, double hung, bay, and casement windows. Less typical aluminum windows are garden, arch, glass block, and jalousie style windows. Popularity translates into better selection and competitive pricing.

Continued advancements in design and technology have improved aluminum windows in both the commercial residential aluminum replacement window market. Increased use of recycled content along with governmental tax rebates and credits for energy efficient windows (up to $1,500) have made residential aluminum windows highly prized by consumers. Replacing worn, energy guzzling, out-of-date windows has become a priority for many because it can help lower utility bills, is cost-effective and energy efficient residential aluminum windows have become much better made and affordable.

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