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Aluminum Window Parts

If you're weighing the benefits and downsides of replacing aluminum windows yourself, it may be wise to know that there is an anatomy to your average window. And while not as complicated as the human body, it does have a number of "organs." Most people are aware of the basic window parts such as the frame, the sill and the glass panes. But what are some of the lesser known aluminum window parts frequently repaired or replaced? Aluminum window parts vary from window type to style but the names of some the more esoteric and common problem areas are:

  • Head Jamb
  • Sash Lock
  • Top Rail
  • Bottom Rail
  • Stile
  • Muntin
  • Pane
  • Stool
  • Apron
  • Exterior Sill
  • Lower Sash
  • Upper Sash
  • Side Jamb
  • Interior Casting

Additional Aluminum Window Parts

In all window types and styles, there are particular and general parts that require replacement or cause windows to malfunction. Researching them can help you to identify what they look like and how they operate. This can assist you in determining whether your aluminum windows need expert or DIY care - either for repair or replacement. These are:

  • window balance
  • window latch
  • locks
  • general hardware (i.e., screws)
  • levers
  • handles
  • cladding

    Parts - Repair and Replacement

    Finding the replacement window parts for your aluminum window may turn out to be the proverbial "wild goose chase." Replacing aluminum windows vs. repairing or replacing window parts isn't always easy to determine. Saving on cost is the key, but skill or lack thereof can make installing aluminum window parts a breeze or a nightmare.

    Effective repair or replacement of your existing windows is the goal. Improved technology and design have made buying new aluminum windows more cost-effective than repair or using aluminum window replacement parts in some cases.

    If you buy aluminum windows that qualify for the government's current energy efficient tax rebate and credits (up to $1,500) this could make repair and the headache of finding just the right parts unnecessary. Either replacing or repairing old aluminum windows will help cut energy costs and usage. Of course, most people if they could add style, beauty, value and comfort to their home's environment for a price less than buying individual parts and doing the hard work of replacing them would jump at the chance.

    How Complicated Can Replacement Parts Be?

    How complicated aluminum window parts are to install will depend on the style or type of window you are repairing. If you have typical or atypical aluminum windows (i.e., casement, double-hung, awning, glass block, storm or sliding glass doors) your odds for simpler repair range from trouble-free to complicated. Chances of finding replacement parts, or replacing the glass and accessing the proper tools should, but may not always be, easier for standard vs. rarer window styles and types.

    Skilled window replacement experts repair or replace windows for a living and are well versed in the details. If the extent of your experience is watching a few internet videos or reading a couple of DIY articles on replacing aluminum window parts you may want to rethink the matter. DIY instructions are often condensed summaries and not meant as a complete and thorough home repair manual. Unless you are especially handy at window repair, replacement or installation, the procedures involved in replacing aluminum windows parts can leave you frustrated, financially challenged, and dealing with the problems of an unfinished, ill-working window.

    Installation, Problems and Replacing Aluminum Windows

    The most simple window repair can become unmanageable. Locating the problem part or hardware in your aluminum window is the first step. Removing, repairing or replacing that part is your next task. In order to find the part or problem, it may necessary to temporarily remove your old aluminum or existing windows. You will be left with a rough opening. The best case scenario is that you have searched and located the replacement part(s) either on the Internet or at your local home improvement store (i.e., Lowe's, Home Depot). But you may be unsuccessful.

    What if you can't figure out what part or parts are causing your window to malfunction? Or, if you locate the trouble parts, what happens if they are not available for purchase - now or in the near future? The problem at hand is that you must reinstall your existing aluminum window and wait for the part. This could leave you with an improperly sealed, non-working and unprotected window. At this point, your home may be subject to leaks, damage and security problems.

    It can be most disheartening and costly to purchase your replacement aluminum windows parts only to realize that your new windows parts don't fit your current window. And, while you're waiting or pursuing the right window parts, this delay can impact your comfort and peace of mind.

    Expert aluminum window replacement or repair can save you from headaches, unexpected costs and wasted time that may come with searching for, buying and repairing malfunctioning aluminum window parts.

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