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Aluminum Window Replacement

A key concern many have when considering aluminum window replacement is whether to re-install new aluminum windows in place of their old windows. Window buyers want to know if opting for another window type such as steel, aluminum (or plastic) wood or even fiberglass instead of aluminum windows is a better choice.

Replacing windows is an important home improvement decision as it can either increase your home's value, beauty and comfort or cost you money with little return. The good news is that window technology has made virtually any window you choose today a better designed window than windows you already have in place.

Aluminum widows at one time were the most popular window type until vinyl windows took first place standing. However, aluminum replacement windows continue to have many features that make them desirable and competitive with vinyl or any other window variety.

Replacement windows made from aluminum come in virtually any style of window. Perhaps you want to replace or even add new aluminum windows. Much requested and even rarer window styles are readily available. Some well-liked varieties are single hung, double hung, bay, garden, arch, glass block, jalousie and casement. You may be pleasantly surprised to easily find your new aluminum replacement window in your favorite style.

Repair vs. Replacement

Another area to think about when replacing aluminum windows is whether it's more cost-effective to repair than replace parts of your existing windows. Improved technology and design, have made new aluminum windows very attractive and affordable. Your aluminum windows could possibly qualify for the government's current energy efficient tax rebate and credits (up to $1,500). This could make aluminum window replacement a better option than repairing old leaky, worn, unattractive windows and well within your price range.

Aluminum Window Replacement Installation Tips

How difficult installation of your new aluminum replacement windows is will depend on the style or type of window you choose. If you are getting typical replacement aluminum windows installed such as casement, single hung, double-hung, or awning vs. rarer styles such as garden, arch or jalousie aluminum windows, then installation could be less problematic.

If you are a skilled carpenter, then repairing your current aluminum windows parts and all is possible. However, if you've watched a few videos of aluminum window replacement and installation on the Internet you might want to rethink the matter. DIY instructions may seem sufficient to get you through the process of replacing aluminum windows, but, unless you are especially adept with window installation, you could be disappointed and unable to complete the job.

Installation, Problems and Replacing Aluminum Windows

The most simple window installation requires several steps. The first step is removal of your old aluminum or existing windows along with the inside trim. You will be left with a rough opening. After that, you must measure the height and width of that opening (not just the glass). Accuracy is essential.

Your next job is to trim, calk, clean and fix any damage to the window opening. If you've never attempted such tasks, it can be hard to estimate time, cost, tools and skill required to successfully accomplish this undertaking. Meanwhile, you are left with an unprotected opening into your home.

If you get this far, ordering the right replacement aluminum window is top priority. You want your new aluminum windows to fit into the rough opening. Otherwise, your home may be vulnerable and subject to leaks, damage and security problems.

It can be most disheartening and costly to purchase your replacement aluminum windows only to determine that your new windows are the wrong size. Even if you're only missing a few window parts, this can delay installation and cost you money and frustration.

Aluminum Windows Replacement - Costs and Prices

If you've been shopping for aluminum windows lately, then you've probably heard about the tax credits and rebates for energy efficient windows being offered by the government. Getting qualifying aluminum windows and doors means good news to those replacing aluminum windows because it translates into substantial savings - up to $1,500 on energy efficient widows!

Many aluminum window replacement companies, distributors and manufacturers (like Home Depot, Lowe's or Andersen (also misspelled Anderson)), in addition to the government, are offering price incentives and rebates.

Comparison shopping for aluminum window replacement online could net more savings bonuses. Remember to factor into the price of your new aluminum windows, the cost of installation - as it is usually separate from the actual cost of the actual hardware aspect of the replacement window. Also, be sure to get your aluminum replacement windows retailer, installer or professional to give you an estimate in advance and itemize specific costs from your windows and installation.

An Excellent Time

With the current government and manufacturer rebates on aluminum windows, now is an excellent time to replace old windows. Aluminum replacement windows are an easy way to upgrade the value, look and comfort of your home. You, like the numerous window buyers, can take advantage of the many benefits, savings and styles that new aluminum replacement windows provide for a price you can afford. Free estimates from bonded and licensed aluminum window replacement specialists will insure you get the best windows and prices plus enjoyment and savings for years to come.

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