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Guide to Wood Windows

Welcome to the complete guide for home replacement wood windows. In the following sections, you will find information and advice on finding the right wood windows for your home. Installing replacement windows is a big, long-term investment for your home. The windows you choose will be in the house for decades to come, serving not only you but whomever comes after you. As such, it is integral to make solid and sound choices regarding the variety of products currently available. Different companies will have different offerings to make to the public. It is imperative to get multiple quotes on your wood window replacement project to ensure you are getting the best prices and service.

This guide will differ largely from other guides you will find on the subject of buying replacement windows on the internet. Many of those guides will simply try and present a product to you and why it is a good thing. We are not interested in that presentation style for this guide or for you. The reason being is we could not possibly hope to present enough neutral information for you to make sound choices on each and every product.

What we can do is ensure you have the tools at your disposal to be able to separate good information from hype, to understand what factors go into your quote, and to know what features you should need or expect from your wooden replacement windows. Understanding the importance of your role as a customer in the industry will empower you to make good decisions on the product and manufacturer.

Replacement Wood Windows

The most sought after window for the average home owner will be replacement wood windows for their home. This section of the guide offers general information on style choices, specific benefits over other materials, and the reasons that replacement wooden windows are an excellent choice for a homeowner. Homeowners with a historical house may be interested to know that some companies specialize in the production of windows that are appropriate for older period homes to help keep that historic look alive.

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Custom Wood Windows

The word 'custom' invokes a certain type of thought in the average person's mind. Most of us see it as the changing of any object to meet a specific desire or style. The window industry views the word custom in a different light. Most homeowners will not require the same options and features in their replacement windows. It is perfectly normal to have double or triple-paned windows with different coatings between houses in the same neighborhood. Due to this fact, the window industry looks at the term 'custom' more as a statement of any frame alterations rather than the addition or subtraction of features.

Most wooden window manufacturers will have a standard set of sizes that they produce their windows in. These sizes will normally be of the most common sizes requested for window frames. A custom wooden window will need to be altered in some way that is different from the standard offering. That could mean an over-sized window or a window with a frame that is not rectangular. This does not really apply to windows that are naturally large. A bay window is generally large. If one wanted a double-hung window that was the size of a bay window; then it would be considered a custom build. These windows can vary in price and will largely depend on the amount of customization that needs to be made.

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Wood Windows Prices

It would not be feasible to supply homeowners with a listing of appropriate prices for every window on the market. That is because each homeowner will have a specific need for their home. Shopping for windows is not like choosing a product at a normal retailer off a shelf. Instead, manufacturers will offer quotes based on the product in question and quantity thereof. This guide will help walk you through some of the considerations that can bring the prices of your replacement wooden windows up.

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Wood Windows Pros and Cons

Making an informed decision about replacement windows is a good idea before bothering to put down any money on them. An unbiased look at the pros and cons of wooden replacement windows will help you make informed decisions about the product. This section does not try to feature comparisons of wood windows to other materials. The reason is that most materials have a use they are more geared towards. For residential purposes, the most popular choices are vinyl, wood, and clad windows. Aluminum has fallen out of great use in residential applications and generally will not be a consideration for the average home owner.

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Wood Windows Manufacturers

There are many wood window manufacturers striving to catch your attention with their products. They offer many benefits, perks, and improved warranties to entice a homeowner to look at their product line. This short list is an introduction to some wooden window manufacturers. It is by no means exhaustive. You may also find local outfits that produce wooden replacement windows in the community. This section is meant to give you a place to begin your research and some background knowledge on each of the entities.

Each manufacturer has its own pros and cons. The important thing to figure out is what you need as opposed to what you want. Be certain that you are absolutely comfortable with the company you choose, as you will be dealing with them for decades in the future if an issue arises with the windows.

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Wood Window Reviews

Many places on the internet will feature a variety of reviews on a given product. Replacement wood windows are no different. In-depth research should be carried out by a prospective buyer before committing to any major investment. Many sites will provide you with a section of reviews on a small handful of products. We do not believe that would serve you or your interests very well. The sheer number of products available on the market from both major corporations and smaller outfits would not allow us to present a reasonable, fair review section on all the products.

Instead, we want to empower you with the tools to know when you are looking at non-informational garbage, or solid information that you can consider. This guide is designed to help you take in what a review is actually saying about a product, consumer or otherwise. The ideas presented in this guide will help you disassemble bad and seemingly good reviews. The importance of solid research before investing in any replacement windows for your home can not be understated.

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A great benefit of wood replacement windows is the number of options they provide a home owner or a future home owner. Unlike vinyl windows, wood replacement windows can be stained or painted to match the tastes of the owner. If they decide they are tired of looking at a particular color, they can simply take the steps to paint them or seal them differently. The periodic maintenance required to keep the windows in good condition offers an excellent time to touch them up. A clear-coat sealant can highlight and let the natural wood grain of the product show. If selling the home will be a priority in the future, this makes for an excellent selling point with prospective buyers. Natural wood is one of the visually appealing choices one can make for their replacement windows. It can be an excellent selling point for the home if you want or need to sell in the future.

Final Considerations

The field of replacement windows for homes is a highly competitive one. It is very much a consumer's market and should be treated as such. Your comfort level with a representative and company should stay at a high level. If you're not comfortable, keep looking. There are plenty of other respectful manufacturers waiting for your interest in their product.

Many of those manufacturers have been performing this service for their customers for decades to a century. They know their business well and know that the homeowner is the integral piece of the puzzle between success and failure.

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