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Wood Windows Pros and Cons

Wood replacement windows are still a popular choice for homeowners to make their home more efficient. Like anything, they have their own pros and cons that should be considered before deciding on a final product. A firm understanding of the different materials available for replacement windows and how they function will empower a homeowner to make smart choices for their home. No two homeowners will desire the same things from their home replacement windows. It is reasonable to conclude that they will both be interested in the bare bones benefits of better efficiency and savings from the installation. Replacement window installation is a long-term investment into the home. It is best to weigh all of the pros and cons before opting on a final product.

Benefits of Wood Replacement Windows

Wood has been a staple product of construction for humans for thousands of years. Today, its legacy carries on by providing us quality solutions for our homes. Wood is a material that is time-tested and proven to be a strong building material. Proper maintenance can ensure wood products last well beyond their initial, expected shelf-life.

The Look

Though many advances have been made in the field of replacement windows and home improvement, wood still remains one of the most aesthetically pleasing. Replacement windows of any kind will add value to your home. Wood replacement windows will also increase the attractiveness of the home to potential buyers. The natural look of wood is just one that buyers find the most pleasing out of the different types of materials available. A clear coating can both protect and leave the natural grain easily visible.

Wood replacement windows can also be stained or painted if the home owner chooses to. This becomes more valuable from a selling standpoint should the home need to be sold later on. Rather than being stuck with a particular color aluminum or vinyl, the new home owner can paint or stain them to their taste.


Wood replacement windows are some of the most efficient currently available. The wood frame provides an insulator that is unmatched by aluminum or vinyl offerings. One can fully expect to place their hand on the inside of the frame and find it to be warm even in the dead of winter. Home owners in areas with drastic seasons where winter and summer can bring extreme temperatures may find this to be a solid choice for efficiency.

Aluminum-Clad and Vinyl-Clad

Aluminum-clad and vinyl-clad replacement windows are moving into a stronger area of popularity thanks to their form and function. The interior of the window is wood. That makes it easier to maintain, leaves it unexposed to the elements, allows it to still serve as an insulator, and provides an attractive interior decoration. The outer side of these windows are clad in their respective substance. Aluminum and vinyl both stand up to weather far better than wood does and have far less maintenance required of them. This makes them an optimal material for the exterior of the home.

Negatives of Replacement Wood Windows

No product exists that does not have some negative qualities to it. Wood replacement windows are no different. Most of the negative aspects of wood replacement windows have more to do with convenience factors than actual downfalls of the product. As with any product, carefully consider both the pros and cons of wood replacement windows before deciding on them.


Wood replacement windows require more maintenance than their aluminum or vinyl counterpart. The other side of that coin however, is wood windows have a much longer life expectancy if they are properly maintained. They will periodically need to be repainted or resealed with any potential problems swiftly dealt with before they can do extensive damage. Clad windows are popular in that the homeowner does not need to try and perform maintenance on the exterior of the window. Painting or sealing the interior of the windows correctly can still be a very tedious process though do not require a homeowner to spend any time on a ladder.


A homeowner can expect to pay a bit more money for their wood replacement windows than they would with either vinyl or aluminum. The high demand, high quality nature of wood replacement windows make them still a popular choice. Choosing exotic woods to get windows crafted from will increase the price further; but it is not necessary to use an exotic wood.

Natural Factors

Another problem with wood is its general nature. Over time, wood could be subjected to things like rot, termite, or cracking under extreme heat. This can be countered by choosing a wood that is appropriate to the climate of the area. Extreme heat and moisture can cause the wood to warp and force itself out of position in the frame. Repairs to reposition or fix the frame can be quite costly. Proper maintenance can go a long way to preventing any serious problems from developing.

Moisture can be a large adversary of wood replacement windows. Treatment exists to help make them more resilient to the effects of moisture. In climates of exceptional moisture one may find wood replacement windows to not be a good choice. They will stand up to the weathering to an extent. A different material choice may provide longer-term satisfaction than wood.

Making the Choice

Several different styles and materials are available for a home replacement window project. Wood can offer great value and style if one does not mind the bit of extra effort to maintain it. A sound material choice will also stand up to the local climate in efficient ways. A prospective sales representative may be able to provide further information on the measures a given company takes to expand the life of their wood replacement windows. There is no one solution fits all when it comes to replacement windows for the home. A determination of what goals and standards you need the product to meet will ensure your windows work for your home well into the future.