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Replacement Wood Windows

Different materials are available to choose from for replacement windows. A replacement wood window is one of the best choices available for most climates and areas. Wood has been a staple construction material for a long time. It is plentiful in most areas and easier to craft into a workable product than stone can be. The first movable sashes in windows were constructed of wood. Today, it continues to be a very popular choice for both efficiency and aesthetics. There are currently no available window construction materials that offer the same kind of insulating qualities that wood does.

A Stylish. Efficient Choice

Homeowners typically replace their windows when they become too drafty or to upgrade older models. Older models are more prone to air leaks and energy inefficiency which translates into increased cost for the homeowner and a less comfortable interior environment. Replacement wood windows offer an attractive solution to remedying these problems. Wood not only offers a beautiful choice in material but is also one of the best window insulators currently available.

Pairing a replacement wood window with a double or triple-paned glazing and inert glass can have the same insulating qualities that a wall has. Single-pane and older models of windows would act like open doors to allow energy to leech through. The leeching affect made it much harder to keep a comfortable internal climate. The drastic increases in efficiency and environmental friendliness makes the older wood windows even less attractive.

A Mass Appeal

Aluminum frame windows are typically not used for residential purposes. One may find them in mobile homes, commercial, and industrial applications mostly. For housing purposes, one will expect to be choosing between vinyl and a wood replacement window. A wood replacement window can offer a much greater appeal to prospective home buyers than vinyl would. It is simply a more attractive, natural material that people like to see. This is also one of the downsides to it though.

Wood replacement windows require a bit more upkeep to maintain that pleasant appeal. The exterior is often coated in a different material that is much lower maintenance. Vinyl-clad and aluminum-clad windows feature a wood interior with a respective exterior. The interior wood will still need some maintenance to ensure it maintains a high quality. It will need sealed or repainted as time passes. Exterior clad surfaces are the more popular choice of homeowners today as they provide the interior beauty of wood without needing to try and paint or seal the exterior wood regularly.

Keeping a Historic Home Historic

Wood replacement windows may be the product of choice for homeowners with an older home. Multi-paned solutions can provide additional efficiency without sacrificing any of the look of the window. Wood replacement windows for historic homes may be acquired without having an external cladding to preserve the look of the home. These types of windows will require more maintenance than clad or vinyl windows would. Regular resealing or repainting will help to extend their life and keep them in good condition.

Styles and Models

Replacement wood windows can offer the same wide degree of choice that any aluminum or vinyl window can. Double-hung, casement, bay, awning; all of these and more styles are available from a variety of manufacturers to fit your specific need. Even if they do not offer it as a standard part of their catalog; the ability to order custom windows allows you to fill any gaps needed.

Low maintenance styles of replacement wood windows are coming into popularity with some manufacturers. The initial coatings and sealants are designed to help seal in the natural beauty of the wood. Companies that hand-craft their replacement wood windows will also choose to use clear coats and fine pieces of wood to allow the visual appeal of the wood to shine through.

Making the Choice

Ultimately, the decision is going to boil down largely to the style of replacement windows being sought for the home. Wood does cost a bit more than vinyl; but as a tried and true material it cannot be beat. No other materials offer the same degree of beauty, efficiency, and value that wood brings to your home. Attractive wood windows can also help improve interest in potential home buyers should you decide to sell.