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Wood Windows Prices

Part of the process of upgrading the windows in your home will come down to pricing. Wood window prices are not something that can easily be stated outright due to the nature of the window industry. A variety of factors go into determining the final wood window prices. This document can only offer you a general idea of what to expect from how pricing is done. For accurate wood window prices, you will need to consult with a sales representative of a company you are interested in. These consultations should be low stress without heavy emphasis on selling you the product. Most, if not all, companies will offer no obligation quotes on your replacement window job. Though it is reasonable to expect they will attempt to make the sale with you; after all, that is part of their job. The keyword is "reasonable".

Wood Window Prices

The first point to understand with wood windows is they will typically have a higher price tag attached to them than their vinyl or aluminum counterparts. Vinyl-clad and aluminum-clad windows will be further past that due to the differences in construction and efficiency. Though wood windows are more expensive than most other types, they pay for themselves in insulating values. The requirements for maintenance of wood windows are steeper; but properly maintained wood windows can last upwards of 200 years. The actual moving parts and seals are more likely to wear out or get damaged than the frame is.

Multiple-Paned Windows

Some features of replacement windows are becoming a general addition to the offering. You will be hard-pressed to find any company that would suggest getting single-pane windows over about any other style or model. Dual-pane windows offer a tremendous increased efficiency that will equate into more energy savings for your home. Triple-pane windows go even further than that but are not necessary for temperate climates. Extreme heating or cooling needs throughout the year might make triples a better investment than dual-pane wood windows. The cost will go up based on the number of panes and inert gas insulator used.


Customized windows allow you to give a distinct look to your home. This does not refer to the variety of options that are generally available. Instead, one will find customizations deal more with unique features of a frame. It might be an out of the ordinary design or simply have dimensions that are out of the ordinary for that particular window type. Custom windows will cost more, but are worth it for the jobs they are required for. A poorly fitting window in the frame will be a poor insulator and permit damage to the interior.

Installation and Cost

A replacement window installation job done as a Do-It-Yourself project can save some money. This is a project that should only be undertaken by someone who is confident in their own abilities. Though you can save upwards of 20% off the total by doing a self-installation; it can cost you far more down the road if done improperly. An improper replacement window installation can permit water seepage and mold to take root in the frame. A full frame rebuild typically runs into the thousands of dollars if it needs to be done. Poor installation also means an increased cost. You will want to inquire with the different sales representatives whether or not they offer installation services. If they do not, you will need to find a licensed and bonded contractor to perform the job for you. If you do hire a contractor, be sure to inquire as to whether or not the price of removal of the old ones is in the quote.

Getting a Quote

Each homeowner will have different needs that must be met to accomplish their upgrade. Your climate, home, and area will have a lot to do with the final product and final cost of the replacement windows. Shopping around can provide better results for savings as some companies are able to offer things in a more efficient fashion than others. Any website or dealer that tries to offer you a price when they do not know your situation or requirements is one to be wary of. The only way you can get an accurate quote is by contacting the respective sales representatives of the companies that interest you.