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Basement Glass Block Windows

There are many advantages to having basement glass block windows. One advantage is that they give privacy. If you are working down in the basement and you don't want anyone peeking in, the basement glass block windows will keep you covered. If you have the light on in the basement it will still show through the glass block, but anyone looking in won't see anything.

Another very vital advantage to getting basement glass block windows is that it is safer than regular basement windows. It keeps intruders from breaking into the home through the basement. Basement glass block windows cannot be broken very easily. Burglars will avoid them.

Some of the glass block windows have a vent right in the middle. This still keeps privacy and safety in the basement because the vent is too small for anyone to climb through. Having the vent in the middle allows some fresh air to get into the basement while working down there or doing laundry. If the garage is beside the basement, it also helps keep the car fumes outside. Many of the windows now have a sound barrier, thermal efficiency, leave in natural light and are break resistant with a ten-year warranty. Having these basement windows will also reduce heating and air conditioning costs because these windows are energy-efficient.

If you are handy with do-it-yourself projects, the windows are also very easy to install. If you aren't too good at these types of projects, a professional will be able to install them for you. Either way, there are still choices of what type of glass block windows you want to have installed.

Nowadays there are several kinds of designs and patterns for the glass block windows. One way that these windows can be different is their size. Another way is that the small vent window doesn't have to be in the middle. They can be at the top, or two rows down, or wherever you think is best. The glass block also comes in colors. Cloudy red is one of them, and that will enhance the look of the entire house. There are also glass blocks that have more than one hazy color, such as blues, purples, reds with even designs such as flowers.

Another way the improve the look of the home is to get parallel glass block basement windows. These come in clear glass, dichroic or cloudy glass. These windows actually have vertical lines on one side and horizontal lines on the other side. The glass blocks make it a smooth surface.

Another unique pattern in the glass blocks is the wave and water ripple dichroic glass. This design looks like water droplets among waves with just a touch of different colors.

There are so many glass blocks to choose for the basement windows. No one has to settle for the plain ones anymore.