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Install Glass Block Basement Windows

Install Glass Block Basement Windows in your home today to increase its appeal and security. Many people want the beauty of natural lighting in a finished basement, but traditional basement windows pose many problems. A low lying window is a risk as it becomes an easy entry point into the home for people, pests, and the elements, but when you install glass block basement windows you virtually eliminate that risk.

Glass block is strong while remaining visually appealing. Block comes in many sizes and styles. Block windows can be vented to allow airflow while maintaining the security of the window. Glass block basement windows secure your basement. At traditional window provides an easy entry point for intruders of the two and four legged variety. Glass block provides an impenetrable barrier.

A glass block window provides a barrier to the elements, so you can fully enjoy your basement in comfort. No longer will your basement suffer from drafty windows. Rain and banked snow will not leak through a glass block window. Glass block is significantly stronger than plate glass, so your basement becomes a more effective storm shelter during the storm season.

Install glass block basement windows in basement bathroom windows to create a visual barrier, because block is available in textures that will allow full natural light while obscuring the view into the room. This same feature can be utilized to create visual interest and security in a basement playroom or daycare.

Glass block windows provide architectural interest to both the interior and exterior of the home. Light plays on the texture of the glass producing stunning visual effects. Landscaping can be integrated into the look, creating a warm and inviting space. Mix different block textures to create a unique look suited to your style or to suit a particular need.

Depending upon your needs, glass block basement windows can be ultra utilitarian or warm and elegant. You may want to integrate both styles. Use a fashion forward block in the windows at the front of the house to create curb appeal, and use a vented block in a bathroom. You may want to use a clear block in a workroom, such as a laundry room, so that the most natural light is let in.

When you install glass block basement windows you get all of the benefits of a glass window while maintaining the integrity, beauty, and functionality of your home. Glass block is draft free, leak-proof, impact resistant, and beautiful. Glass block windows are everything you could possibly want in a basement window.