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Glass Block Windows - They're Not Just For Basements Anymore

Installing glass block windows is not only a simple task for the do-it-yourselfer but the options to incorporate glass block windows into your home as a decorator's touch have become a very hot topic at the home design center.

Installing glass block windows in a basement is a standard choice for areas that require the combination of natural light and security without the need for ventilation. It is also common practice to install glass block windows in combination with a clothes dryer vent which can eliminate the need to drill through exterior walls and masonry.

However, installing glass block windows is not just for basements anymore!

Glass block windows, while offering the security of a solid wall and the privacy of a frosted or opaque finish, can now be used as a bold decorating or design statement for many interior projects.

If you can design a room with walls and furniture, you can visualize

  • Replacing a room divider with a wall of custom colored glass block
  • A kitchen back-splash of custom size or design glass block
  • A fireplace surrounded with custom colored glass block designs and textures
  • A bar made with a base of etched glass block and back-lighting to soften the mood
  • A master bath separated from the bedroom by a glass block wall slightly curved around the garden tub

Decorating with glass block becomes much more exciting when you use blocks specifically made to make projects easier and more design friendly with features such as

  • End block finishing units with rounded edges
  • Corner angle units to create 90 degree corners
  • Clear glass for natural lighting
  • Frosted or patterned glass for privacy

Knowing where you want to build and install glass block is only part of the fun. The selection of colors, textures, finishes and etching is as vast as your imagination with custom options. Glass block can be designed with

  • Colored glass with enhanced, vibrant colors and shading
  • Custom or standard etching
  • Standard or satin finish
  • A variety of sizes and patterns

Installing glass block windows can enhance natural lighting while still providing privacy, brighten up a boring office or waiting room with custom designed glass block mural or dividing wall, liven up an old, musty basement or add some zip to your country kitchen.

Glass block installation is a home project that may be far easier than you imagined and requires only basic carpentry skills for many projects. Get your imagination going and design something exciting with glass blocks today!