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Prefabricated Glass Block Windows

Prefabricated glass block windows are not just for replacing old worn out basement windows. Most homeowners select glass block windows for basement use due to their high level of security resisting break in attempts. The glass block also offers a natural protection against seeing into a space while not inhibiting lights from getting through.

Glass block holds up extremely well to high winds, driving rain and heavy snows. Glass block is thicker than standard window glass so therefore is much more resistant to breakage. Glass block units can be prefabricated with built in louvered vents that can be opened or closed, and they can also be outfitted with specialized panels to allow the pass-through of such things as a dryer vent.

Years ago the rough opening for glass block had to be established before construction. This was in order to accommodate the exact dimensions of a style and size of the glass block to go into the space to make a window. A mason would then lay the block using mortar just as he would use on brick or concrete block. The mason would fit the block to the window space, then finish off the mortar joints and wait for it to set. There were not a lot of options available for customers then.

Today's glass block windows are the superb choice for both new construction and remodeling. They are an excellent choice for both residential and commercial use. Everything down to the glass that the block is made of is much more superior today to what was available in times past. As technology increases, the materials in the building industry do as well, and glass block is engineered and designed as a top consumer choice for this century.

Prefabricated glass block windows means the whole window unit is pre-built at the factory to the exact specifications of the customer. No more ugly gray mortar joints that deteriorate over time either. The joints of the individual glass block are sealed to be weather tight and of incredible strength of bond that mortar could never achieve. Vents or other pass-through options are already in place. No more fitting of individual block to a space or major construction changes to alter a rough opening in old construction. The prefabricated glass block windows are lifted into place and attached to the window frame as a one-piece unit.

Customers today can choose from arched, circle, awning, casement, cross-shaped, picture, octagon, hexagon, colonial and other window shapes and have it in modern glass block. Prefabricated glass block windows are strikingly beautiful when used in interior spaces such as room dividers or in bath applications. Glass block can be had in different glass styles and colors to suit the needs and tastes of the customer. Whether one is replacing old basement windows or designing a giant window for a living space, nothing can beat the beauty, style and strength of glass block.