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Guide to Bay Windows

Bay Windows can be a gorgeous decorative addition to one's house. They make the home look elegant and add a touch of the "old world" charm to it. It also allows the homeowner to add value to their home, as most upgrades do to their home. This increases the property value of the home as well which adds to the selling price of the house, when the homeowner decides to sell it. They can be put into any large room like a kitchen, living room, or master bedroom.

Installing Bay Windows

Installing Bay Windows can be done one of two ways. If the homeowner is a person who likes to work on their own house and fix it themselves, they will want to install the bay windows themselves. There are some specific steps to take to do this, so be certain to read carefully.

  1. Take very careful measurements on the wall that the window will be put into. If the homeowner is simply replacing an old bay window, take the window to the local hardware store and purchase a new one with the same dimensions. If in doubt, a visit to the local hardware store is in order. Ask the experts there about how to measure the windows. They should be able to explain in detail how to properly measure so that the window will fit perfectly.
  2. When ready, cut into the wall (for a new window) or take out the old window (if this has not happened already). Once the space for the window is cut out, put in the supports that will hole the window into the wall. Make certain this is secured to the wall before putting the window into the hole.
  3. Once the support is ready, put in the window. Be sure that the supports are straight and level. Tilting supports will allow the window to fall out and shatter on the ground. The utilization of shims may help during this process, so use as many as needed. When the window is where it should be, screw it into the support and wall. The window should be screwed in every two or three inches so that its weight is evenly supported throughout the supports.
  4. To prevent any leaks or wasted electricity, use caulking around the edges of the window. Trace the whole thing in a clear or white color of caulk. If one has plans to paint the home after putting the window in, the caulk can be painted to hide it. This will also help prevent little bugs from getting into the home through these small holes between the window and the wall. Two rounds of caulk should be enough to seal up all the holes, unless one lives in a rainy area. Three or four rounds, depending on the amount of rain, would be wise.
  5. If this seems too overwhelming, or unfeasible, hiring a contractor to install a bay window can easily be the solution that the homeowner is looking for. This process will be more expensive, but will be less stressful.

Kitchen Bay Windows

Kitchen Bay Windows are very beautiful in a house. These windows can allow sunlight to enter the kitchen and create a homey atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. It can create a feeling of security while providing a beautiful view to the outside world. Bay windows can create space for a nook where one can curl up, read a book, drink coffee and enjoy the day from within the kitchen. It can also provide a way to light the kitchen without costing the homeowner a dime. Natural light is free and looks so much better than artificial light. Bay windows in the kitchen can add value to the home as well and is a great investment in a home.

Bay Window Designs

Bay Window designs vary and can meet any designing needs that the homeowner will need. There are bay windows that fit nicely together to form a sitting area or nook inside rooms like kitchen or dining rooms. It can replace older windows within a home and offer a better view of one's back or front yards. It can also be coupled with a set of French doors to give the appearance that there is a very small barrier between the inside of the home and the beauty of the outdoors. A great way to spice up the bathroom is to install bay windows into it, along the wall opposite of the shower. This will give the room an authentic feeling of an "old world" bathroom and it very pretty to look at when one is in the bathtub. Privacy screens and draperies can keep out wandering eyes and add an elegant touch to the room as well. Bay windows do not have to take up an entire wall. They can simply replace a window that needed replacing or add a modern look to a room. There is the unique cottage-styled bay window that has a long uninterrupted window on the bottom and a four squared window on the top. It almost looks like two separate windows, but it is pieced together beautifully.

Bay Window Prices

Bay Window prices can range from $800 to $2,000 depending upon where one gets them and what type of window they want. Typically, this does not include installation. That usually ranges in cost as well from $1,500 to $8,000. This also depends upon how many windows are being replaced and how much work the installer will need to do to get the windows in their frames. A customized window will cost quite a bit more, averaging from $2,500 to $7,000. It is always wise to get several quotes from different companies before deciding upon an installer.

Bay Window Benefits

The benefits of having bay windows are numerous. Aside from the aesthetic appeal and the naturalistic feeling, the windows are great energy savers. If they are rated to save energy, the homeowner can cut their energy bill by a significant amount. They add value to the home, if it were to be resold. They can be maintenance free, if they are purchased that way.

Bay Windows Guide

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