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How to Install Bay Windows - A DIY Guide

Installing bay windows in your living room can make it look much bigger, while giving it more light. It can be a difficult task because bay windows stick out of the house. You need to add siding and a roof to it. But before doing anything, you should check the weather because a rainy day will ruin your living room.


The first thing you need to do before installing bay windows is choosing the wall that it will go on. If there is already a window there, you need to remove it and the sash stops that keep the window in place. Pull the stops out from the sides and then the top. Then, pry off the off tracks, which will allow the removal of the tracks and the sash. You also need to remove any storm windows that are in the room.


The next step in installing bay windows is measuring it. You have to mark these measurements onto the outside of your home. Then, you must cut along the old window frame or cut old studs for the new frame. You need to attach braces on the window sill for support. Also, add some cripple studs that will align with these support braces. You can then lift up the bay window onto the braces and slide it into the opening in the living room. Before doing this, you need to be sure that there is a flat and stable surface to put the bay window on.


If the bay window does not appear to be level, you can use shims to even it out. To hold the frame in place while you are working, you can screws and cable clamp the outside of it in place. You need to make sure the center window is secure and then snap each of the other windows into place. Then, you can drill screws in the frame when you know for sure that the frame and window are level.

Roof Cap

The next part in installing bay windows is putting on the roof cap. You need to frame is first and then secure it in place on top of the bay window. Fiberglass insulation should be used to fill all of the space on the inside of the window bay. Then, you should nail decking of plywood onto the rafters. Make sure that the insulation is completely finished before putting in any plywood.

Apply Trim

Once this is finished, you can apply the trim of wood to the outside area of the roof. This should be lined with the drip cap, which is made of metal. Then, you can lay roofing paper on top of the plywood layer. This should be stapled into place. You can now start attaching shingles onto the top. Each row of shingles should go over the top of the layer before it. They should cover one third of the row prior. The final step in installing bay windows is putting in step flashing, stopping leaks where the wall and window roof meet.

Bay Windows Guide

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