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Kitchen Bay Windows

With all of the cooking, cleaning, eating, and entertaining that goes on in the average kitchen, no one wants to spend all of that time in a dark, drab room. Kitchen bay windows are an attractive and decorative way to shed some light on the situation.

Kitchen bay windows are a fantastic addition to any kitchen, as their larger size provides much more lighting than a typical window. Since they expand the view of the outdoors, they are especially helpful for adding the illusion of extra space to smaller rooms. Space and dimension will be increased in the room easily without changing the foundation or structure of the room itself. Bay windows are the perfect way to capture picturesque views and light from three different angles.

Bay window panes are typically made with two panels of glass separated by a layer of air to protect from the elements. For further energy efficiency, windows can be purchased that are insulated with argon gas between the panes, or with special glazing to encourage solar heat in the winter, and to reflect it in the summer. Triple glazed panes offer three panes of glass with two separate spaces for air and are 15-25 percent more energy efficient than standard bay window panes.

There are several different sizes, styles, and designs of kitchen bay windows to choose from, but all offer the natural light that homeowners are seeking. Most windows frames are made of wood or vinyl, and all have their advantages and disadvantages. Primed wood windows are the most cost-efficient, but need to be scraped and repainted frequently to prevent them from rotting or growing mold. Vinyl windows are affordable and easy to maintain, but the vinyl frames on the interior may not be aesthetically pleasing to some. Clad windows can be quite expensive, but offer the benefit of low-maintenance aluminum or vinyl on the outside and attractive wood on the inside. Each home-owner should research to find which style best suits their home, budget, and maintenance ability before purchasing.

Cost of the windows will be determined on size and style chosen. A traditionally sized window will cost approximately $800-$1,100, and any specialty items or custom orders will cost approximately 20% more. Installation and construction may cost extra as well. Installing the window without the aid of a professional is possible, however, homeowners should be sure to research the best way to provide support to the window before starting the project. If the old window opening needs to be enlarged to accommodate the new one, a window replacement specialist may be required.

Installing a kitchen bay window is a guaranteed way to increase natural lighting and brighten up the room that people gather in most often. Kitchen styles are accentuated and feel more warm and inviting with sunlight shining in. Kitchen bay windows provide a unique and attractive look both inside and outside the home. They will not only improve quality of life while living there, but may additionally increase the value of the home when it comes time to sell.

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