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Bay Window Decorating

Bay windows are considered an asset to a home. If a house has a bay window, the real estate agent is sure to list it in the description. Many people love the look of a bay window in the kitchen, living room or even the bedroom. Bay windows convey an air of elegance and can make a room look bright and luxurious at the same time. However, it can be hard decorating a bay window. Normal everyday curtains and drapes just don't look right and can cover up the light a bay window lets in the room. Here are a few suggestions on bay window decorating.

Window Seat

One of the most popular ideas for bay window decorating is to make it into a seat. An upholstered seat in the space of the window can look inviting and homey. Matching throw pillows make this seat look even more relaxing. One thing to note is to choose upholstery for the window seat that matches the decor of the rest of the house. A window seat with bright upholstery and throw pillows can look out of place in a house with muted and subtle wall colors. By the same token, matching or complimenting colors can add a splash of color to the room, drawing attention to the bay window.


Another popular idea in bay window decorating is to put a plant or group of plants in the middle of the bay window. This ensures that the plant will get plenty of light while drawing attention to the plant and the window. A large plant placed in front of a bay window can have a dramatic effect on the whole room. The benefit, of course, is that the plant or group of plants will grow since they will get plenty of sunlight.

Fruit Holder

If the window is in the kitchen, a fruit holder or other small appliance might fit perfectly. There are a few benefits to this type of bay window decorating. One of those is that a commonly used object will attract attention to the area with the bay window. Plus, the increased usage of the area will cut down on dust.


Candles can create a relaxing and serene environment. If the bay window is in the bathroom, large dramatic candles can draw the focus to the window while creating a peaceful environment. One thing to remember is to choose candles that complement each other in scent as well as color. Humidity from the bathroom will enhance the scent of the candles, so it's recommended that only one candle be scented.

A bay window can bring light and beauty to any room. Bay window decorating however can be a bit tricky. The best decoration will depend mostly on the room that has the bay window. A bay window in the kitchen might look wonderful with a fruit bowl in front of it, while candles look peaceful in a bay window in the bathroom. The best approach is to take some time, study the room and then decide which decorations are best for the bay window.

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