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Bay Window Designs

Bay windows say "class" like no other window type (with the exception perhaps of French windows). These large palatial windows generally consist of several angular sections forming a kind of "bay" in the rooms and walls in which they are installed. They look out in a convex manner onto the scenes before them. Large and beautiful bay windows are often found in Victorians and other palatial type dwellings. Let's take a look at a few of the different general bay window designs:

Simple Three Section Bay Windows

One of the simpler bay window designs consists of 3 window sections arranged at 30 to 45 degree angles with respect to each other. Often the middle window section consist of a single pane and the two side sections are double hung windows. The overall size can vary, but seeing as the two side windows are fairly standard configurations, these windows tend not to be all that large in overall length and width dimensions. They might only measure around 40 or 50 inches in height. Often the central window is wider than the two said sections.

Multiple Section Bay Windows

These bay windows tend to be more elaborate. They often consist of as many as five individual angled window sections. They are often separated by appreciable amounts of wooden space - possibly around 6 inches. Whether one considers these a form of muntin or a part of the wall itself, they extend the size and reach of these windows making them real structural elements of the room space. The height of the windows is often almost floor to ceiling - it may be 6 or 7 feet. Often there is perhaps a one foot rise from the floor before the window starts. These kinds of bay window designs are really classy and fairly expensive to install.

Hardwood Bay Windows

The frames of bay windows can be made from wood, metal, or various synthetic substances. If they are made of wood, why not go with classy wood? Bay windows constructed of stained and finished hardwoods give a rustic, glorious look. Whether the wood is Oak, Mahogany, Cherry, Poplar, or another hardwood, they give rooms a wonderful ambience. Sometimes these windows have built in slatted blinds that make them even more attractive and practical.

Variations in Muntins/Grilles

The "dividers" between multiple pane (or apparently multiple pane) windows are individually called muntins. A whole set of them may be called a grille. Bay windows can have a number of variations here. Sometimes the side windows have grilles while the central window section is clear. Alternatively, all the windows have muntins/grilles. There are even lines of bay windows that have muntins that can snap in and out, changing the appearance.

Bay Window Seats

Some bay window designs have window seats making the window bay a sitting area. The seat usually bridges all the window angles of the separate sections, making for a convenient seat on which someone can look out at the panoramic view.

Bay window designs come in a wide range of choices as regards size, intricacy, and expense. But bay windows always impart a sense of grandeur and light to any room and its occupants. Bay windows are about visibility, style, socialization, reflection, and relaxation. If you want to make a room take a step up in general elegance, consider putting a bay window in.

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