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Benefits of Bay Windows

Bay windows not only enhance the appearance of a room; they provide numerous benefits that are unseen by the naked eye. A few of the benefits of bay windows range from aesthetics to efficiency.

The design of bow windows causes them to protrude from the outer wall of the building. By doing so, it gives the illusion that the inside room is larger. While there is slightly more space because of the protruding section, it tricks the eye into seeing the whole entire wall as further away than it actually is. This little bit of extra space for sitting or storage can change the entire ambiance of a room.

If that was not enough to make the room appear more open, the shape of a bow window enhances that element even further. A standard window is a simple single panel of glass whereas a bow window is created out of three or more panels that are fitted together at angles. This allows light to enter from each individual angle as well as reflect off each other. The room appears more open, brighter, and significantly more welcoming.

Another one of the benefits of bow windows is that are a functional window. Traditional windows provide light and a portal to the outdoors, but bow windows do not stop there. They can be utilized in so many different ways to accommodate the individual's style.

Many people turn their bay window into a cozy cove complete with pillows, blankets, and possibly a good book to curl up with. This is perfect for a bay window that has a deep shelf that is lower to the ground like a bench.

Other bow windows are raised higher so that they are similar to the height of a counter, often with a shallower shelf. Placing a vase of flowers or other pleasant trinkets complete the welcoming atmosphere created by the presence of a bow window. If flowers do not mesh with the owner's personality, they can opt for something that speaks to who they are: model trains, figurines, or something more functional like a clock or recipe books.

The benefits of bow windows do not stop there. Because there will be space underneath the shelf that did not exist before the window, that can often be transformed into something functional as well. Many people choose to have a chest built in that can be opened from the top. In a living room, this is a perfect place to store extra blankets or pillows. In a child's room, it can act as a toy chest.

Even if a home does not come equipped with all the benefits of bow windows, any traditional window can be transformed into one. Making this investment will create a welcoming touch that no carpet replacement or new furniture set could match.

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