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Are Double Hung Vinyl Windows the Choice For You?

When replacing your windows, or choosing what you want for a new home, it can be difficult to decide what material you want to use. Wood may look nice but it wears down over time, and aluminum is sturdy but it just doesn't hold the heat in your home the same way that wood does. If these are some of the issues that you're trying to deal with, they you may want to consider double hung vinyl windows.

Double hung windows allow you to open your window by sliding the sashes up and down. This is a very aesthetic option that allows you to get the fresh air you need when you want it, and to seal out the elements and keep your home energy efficient when you don't. Open hinged and casement windows require the area around the window to be kept clear, while double hung windows let you use this space. Double hung windows are also much easier to repair than most other options. If the springs, counterweights, or friction system wear out and need to be replaced, the repair can be done easily without replacing anything but the part. When closed, these types of windows seal out all of the elements unlike open hinged windows. For added efficiency, they can also be double or triple paned, further insulating the home.

The perks are even better when you choose to get double hung vinyl windows. Vinyl reduces the amount of noise that makes it in to your home. It also hold the heat or cold in your home far better than aluminum. At the same time, it doesn't wear down or require nearly as much maintenance as wooden windows do. Vinyl windows increase the value of your home and make it look nicer overall. They are much easier to install than the other options and the price is very affordable.

Vinyl windows are made of a plastic that is more durable than the other options. It does not corrode or rot with age the way that aluminum and wood might, nor will it warp as a result of fluctuations in temperature. It is far easier to use than the other materials used in building windows, and to top it off in most cases it is also the most affordable option. This means that not only will the windows save you money in terms of the energy efficiency of your home, using the furnace and the air conditioner less often, they will also cost less to buy in the first place.

Some people are hesitant to buy vinyl windows because of the lower price. They assume that this means the quality of the material is lower. In fact this is not the case. Vinyl is superior to both wood and aluminum in flexibility, insulation, and persistence with time. Nor are you restricted to getting white if you purchase vinyl windows. Vinyl is white in its normal state, but it can be mixed with any color when it is being mixed, before it solidifies. This means that not only can you have it in any color you want, but there's no paint to chip or wear away with age. This makes double hung vinyl windows an excellent choice.

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