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Double Hung Window Prices

Double hung windows are not a recent phenomenon. Consumers have been using these widow models for a long time. However, new manufacturers, models and designs have changed frequently. This explosion in selection options has created a marketplace with tremendous price variability. Finding the optimal price will depend on the consumer's feature choices and the venue they use for making the purchase.

Let's first look at the design options available and price ranges associated with each of them. Double hung window prices are impacted by the materials used to make them. Double hung windows are made from a variety of materials, including vinyl, aluminum and wood, to name a few. Generally, vinyl windows are the most inexpensive. Wood windows are the most expensive. Aluminum window prices will fall somewhere in the middle of the two.

Double hung window prices are also impact by the size of the window. One would think that the larger the window is, the more expensive it should be. However, theory does not always hold to be true. Because of mass production techniques and the advent of big-box, home improvement stores, certain window sizes are produced in large quantities. Also, these "standard" window sizes are readily available, in retailers' inventories. Oftentimes, these standard-size windows will sell for significantly less than smaller, custom windows.

Once the material and window size are determined, the next substantial cost consideration will be the window glass. Many consumers have heard the words, "single pane", "double pane", and "triple pane". However, what do they mean? Actually, it is quite straightforward. The word "pane" is another word for glass. "Single", "double" and "triple", indicate the number of sheets of glass used in the manufacture of the window. Generally, the more window panes a window has the better the window will insulate. However, this means that a triple-pane window will cost much more than a single pane window. In addition, some window manufacturers will add glazing to the window or add inert gas between each window pane. By doing so, the manufacturer is trying to create a better insulation rating, with adding additional panes of windows. Therefore, it is possible that a double-pane window with glazing and inert gas may cost more than a triple pane window, without these extra features, even though the insulation quality may be comparable.

Window accessories can have a dramatic impact on double hung window prices. Examples of window accessories include locking mechanisms, levers and other functional hardware. This hardware can be both functional and decorative. The more decorative it is, the higher the overall window cost will be. Higher-end hardware will be made from brass, copper or nickel.

Finally, utility features and other decorations will increase double hung window prices. An example includes adding shade blinds, within the window. Another example is adding decorative grills to the window pane. Sometimes, these decorative grills are removable. Other times, they are permanently built into the window. Each one has an additional cost associated with it. In summary, the more basic the window is, the cheaper the price will be.

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