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Wood Double Hung Windows

When looking for versatile replacement windows for your home, consider the option of wood double hung windows. Homeowners have reported great benefits after having these windows installed. Window contractors are even able to use these windows to create beautiful accents for your home.

Benefits of Installing Double Hung Windows in Your Home

There are many benefits to having wood double hung windows installed in your home. Whether you are searching for stylish designs or you want to improve the energy efficiency within your home, these windows will not disappoint you. Some of the benefits you will enjoy after having wood double hung windows installed include:

More energy efficiency within the home - Double hung windows are constructed using double panes of glass that are separated by a pocket of vacuum sealed air. This design helps to keep out drafts and cold air during winter months and keeps the cooler air indoors during summer months. This helps to minimize the costs of heating and cooling your home all year around.

Flexible ventilation options - Double hung windows are designs so that they can either be opened by sliding the lower pane of glass up or the upper pane of glass down. This gives you the ability to adjust the ventilation within your home to a comfortable level.

Easier window cleaning - Double hung windows can be tilted inward for easier cleaning. There is no need for ladders or climbing when you want a clear viewing ability.

Color changing option - Since the windows frames of the wood double hung windows is constructed of wood, you have the ability to paint the window frame when you want to change the color of your home's trim. By simply tilting the windows in as you would do for the cleaning process, you can slide the windows out and paint the frame. There is no need to worry about painting the window frame closed as there is with some models of windows.

Clearer viewing - With the special double pane of glass design, wood double hung windows do not fog up or build up condensation when in good repair. This gives you a clearer viewing ability without a great deal of maintenance or upkeep.

The Magic a Professional Window Contractor Can Perform with Double Hung Windows

Professional window contractors can create many great designs to accent your home with the use of double hung windows. Some examples of the magic that a window contractor is able to do for you includes the ability to make garden viewing areas within your home. Since the double hung window has the ability to be opened at both the top and bottom, you can experience the great aromas that are produced in your flower gardening areas while keeping cold drafts from interfering with your viewing pleasure.

Bay windows are one of the most popular style windows that homeowners want installed in their home. Purchasing custom designed bay windows can get quite costly. Contractors are able to create this same design using double hung windows at a fraction of the costs. However, the same benefits are still available.

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