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How to Choose Double Hung Window Sizes for New and Existing Homes

Understanding double hung window sizes will help you get the perfect fit in your home to save energy. This is especially true if you are re-installing windows in an existing home. Whether you are building a new home or trying to weatherize your existing residence, you need to know how to measure your home to choose the correct windows.

New Homes

Building a new home allows you to choose the double hung window sizes that fits your personal tastes perfectly. You will need to know standard sizing in order to build the home, however, since the window frames will be one of the first things that is completed in your home. Standard sizing for double hung windows is approximately 41 inches wide and 56 inches tall. You need to know the exact measurements of the windows you will be using since there is some variations in size according to the manufacturer.

You can choose your double hung window sizes at the beginning of your building to ensure the framers get a perfect fit. If you miss your chance to pre-purchase windows, then you may want to go with standard double hung window sizes to ensure the proper fit. If you prefer custom sized windows, then you will want to choose them first, remembering to follow state and local zoning laws for egress window sizing.

Existing Homes

Replacing your windows can save money by reducing your heating and cooling costs, and double hung windows are far simpler to clean and open than traditional windows. Double hung window sizes are slightly different than traditional windows, but with the right installation team you can easily make the switch to the double hung style.

Double hung windows are available in a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors, providing you with an easy way to improve the look and resell value of your home. Make sure that the size you choose is close to the size that is already installed in your home, and installation will be much simpler. If you are thinking of adding custom windows, then double hung is one of the best styles available today.

Changing Window Styles

Double hung windows are very easy to clean and care for. You will find that smaller sizes are great for natural lighting in small spaces, while larger and custom sized windows can add warmth to living spaces. There are many options available, including a wide range of grid patterns, on standard sized double hung windows. Take your time and choose the windows that fit your home and your personal tastes best, and you will have a high quality window that lasts for many years to come.

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