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New Construction Windows: Are They Really For a New Building?

New construction windows serve an integral purpose for the lifespan of the home and window. A new construction window features a fin that goes around the length of the window with nail holes for fastening. A type of flashing or external material is then mounted over that lip to further seal the window from the elements. Understanding the difference between when an insert replacement window and a new construction window should be used can potentially save you a lot of money. New construction implies that it would be most suitable for a new structure being built. This is partially true. It is also appropriate for houses that are going to need a frame replacement due to excessive damage to the original. There are many minor details that are present in the window industry that can make it difficult to find the exact product that is right for you and your home. That perfect product does exist! It just needs to be found. An absolutely Free, No Obligation consultation with our professionals can help you navigate the expansive realm that is the window industry.

Are New Construction Windows Appropriate for an Older Home?

New construction window is a bit of a misnomer to someone that is not familiar with the window industry in general. It implies to many people that this is the kind of window one would buy if they were building a new home or building. Instead, a new construction window is a different type of window that can be installed into any full frame with external access. The phrase "new construction" is more referring to new construction of the frame. This particular style includes a metal fin that overlaps the actual frame to nail the window in place from the outside. When it comes to replacing older windows, new construction windows should only be used if the frame in the wall needs replaced. Thus making the frame "new construction" in an older wall.

The reason is that an exterior material will be mounted over the fin to help create a tighter seal. So trying to install a new construction window in a frame where there is already siding or flashing just means a whole lot more work and money to rip it all out and replace it. If the frame in the wall needs replaced; then the external material is going to come off anyways so it is not difficult to work in a new construction window. The window industry is like this in many regards. Names do not necessarily mean what they imply they do. We know how confusing it can be and encourage you to get in touch with our consultants. An absolutely Free, No Obligation consultation with a professional can get you on the right path to finding the right product for you and your home.

Are New Construction Windows Better Than Insert Style Replacement Windows?

This yes and no question is a common one for a homeowner to wonder about. After all, if you are going to spend money on windows then you might as well ensure you are getting the best product available. The two types serve distinct styles of installation. You may find that new construction windows can offer better efficiency than an insert replacement window. The actual question that should be asked is; is the cost and work justified to install a new construction window instead of an insert?

If your home has good frames that are holding up well with intact siding then there is really no reason to disrupt that. Insert replacement windows provide a very high degree of efficiency and comfort. If they did not, they would not be one of the mainstays of the replacement window industry. A new building, re-siding project, additions, or full-frame rebuild provides the opportune time to install new construction windows.

As you can see, the replacement and new construction window industry can be a very difficult creature to tame. There are many different styles of windows, types of features, options, coatings, and titles that mean specific things to the industry. For someone that is scratching the surface and just trying to make enough sense of things, it can be extremely frustrating. Save yourself the frustration and hours of trying to sort things out. The Windows-HomeQuote professionals are waiting to assist you with this undertaking. Contact us today for a Free, No Obligation consultation about your window project. Feel free to tap our knowledge to make the most of your project.