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Aluminum Storm Windows

The materials of the storm windows you choose will have a lot of bearing on how they hold up in the long run. Aluminum storm windows are great in that they are very versatile, light-weight, and extremely durable in comparison to the other available materials. The following text will help you decide if aluminum storm windows may be the right choice for you; as well as some negative and positive qualities.

Benefits of Aluminum Storm Windows

Aluminum storm windows are extremely tough and durable to outdoor weather conditions. In addition, anodized aluminum can be almost as strong as diamonds in the right conditions. Anodized aluminum is created through the use of a chemical bath and exposure to current which causes the top layer of the aluminum to oxidize (think rusting). Instead of rusting, it hardens into a more durable form of aluminum. Anodized aluminum is very popular in modern constructions in areas that will be exposed to the elements often as it is so resistant to weathering, wear, and tear.

The lightweight nature of aluminum storm windows make them very versatile and easy to maneuver. This makes it much easier to perform routine maintenance on them to keep them in good condition as well as for cleaning them.

The nature of aluminum storm windows allow them to be created in a way that can provide other benefits to the occupants. They come in a variety of styles and can feature the ability to swivel in the frame so both sides are easy to clean.

Cons of Aluminum Storm Windows

One major consideration that should be given to aluminum storm windows is that the frames do permit transfer of heat and cold in a much larger fashion than other models. The insulating properties of aluminum itself are not as great as other materials. They will still prevent drafts and increase the efficiency of the windows that are already mounted, but there will be some loss.

Choosing Aluminum Storm Windows

There are many options to consider when looking for aluminum storm windows. The first step should be to determine if aluminum will suit the purpose you need it to. If you live in an area with drastic weather then this material will stand up well to the abuse, particularly anodized aluminum. In areas of just extreme hot and colds, it may not perform as well as its counterparts necessarily would. It will still do the job, but expecting some heat or cold loss through transfer from the aluminum storm window is to be expected.

When shopping for aluminum storm windows one should look at some of the following to help determine quality. Carefully inspect the corners and joints of the storm window. You want to see overlapping metal in virtually all of the joints. Overlapping metal creates a much tighter seal than other methods of joining and insulation.

Inspect the rails that the sashes slide in. The deeper they are, the better insulation they provide for the window. Nice deep rails allow the sash to sit comfortable with a deep insulation.

The hardware on an aluminum storm window is a good indicator of the overall quality of the piece. Inspect the clips, latches, and any other hardware pieces that may be mounted on the storm window. If they are of good quality then it is a safe bet that the rest of the quality of the window will be good as well. Purchasing cheaply made storm windows can cause far more problems and cost you far more down the road.

Finally, inquire with the dealer what kind of warranty can be expected with your aluminum storm windows. It is standard to have a multi-year warranty on the storm windows for your protection.