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Storm Window Benefits

One wants to have a clear picture of storm window benefits before going through the steps to add them to their home or property. Most individuals want to know if it will be worth the cost and maintenance further down the road for them. The great thing is that storm window benefits are something you can enjoy for many years. In the following text we will explore some of the main points one can expect to enjoy from a storm window installation.

Preserve the Integrity of Pre-existing Windows

This benefit primarily applies to external mounted storm windows, but it is a benefit to be mentioned. External storm windows are designed to be extremely tough and durable to the elements that they will be constantly exposed to. While your normal windows will certainly have tough qualities to them; wear and tear from years of exposure will begin to wear them down.

Insulating the Window

One of the great storm window benefits, and the primary reason many home owners opt for storm windows, is that they provide an insulation barrier. The installation of the storm window creates a pocket of air between the glass of the two windows that prevents the transfer of heat and cold through them in higher quantities. This can increase the efficiency of the window by as much as 2-5 times. This in turn reduces heating and cooling bills by a significant margin.

Add Value to Your Home

If one wants to add value to their home, installing storm windows is an excellent way to start. Property value increases because the house's energy efficiency is also increasing. Storm windows help to control heating and cooling costs and can have a fairly major impact on one's respective bills. These storm window benefits extend to helping preserve the window and keeping condensation from building up.

A Variety of Makes

Some storm window benefits include a variety of additional features included with the window itself. Just a few of the variants include a stronger ultra-violet ray filter, acoustic insulation, and different coatings that can accomplish other goals. These styles rely predominantly on the manufacturer as some will offer different options than others. There are quite a few standards that exist for regular storm windows for those not interested in additional functionality.

Less Expensive than Replacement Windows

As your windows age they will undoubtedly begin to develop leaks around them. Constant drafts, louder noises from outside, an increased heating and cooling bills are a primary indicator of this. Rather than getting expensive replacement windows installed, one can instead opt for less expensive storm windows. Storm windows form a seal with the already mounted window so serves to act as a buffer of trapped air. This insulating layer will help tone down those sounds, brings your costs back in line, and cut off annoying drafts from an old window.

Can be a DIY Project

Another one of the storm window benefits are that they can be installed as a DIY project if you are comfortable enough with it. This can save you some installation money but it should also be noted that care needs to be taken for certain types. If you are installing external storm windows you will be subject to a much more difficult time and time on ladders if doing the upstairs as well. Interior storm windows are easier to install, but if the sash in them is mobile they require care to ensure it is installed right. If it's not, then you will have difficulty in opening and closing the sash. This project should only be undertaken by someone who is comfortable with this type of work.

Minor Maintenance Goes a Long Way

While they do require some maintenance to keep in good working order, another one of the storm window benefits is that they are relatively low maintenance. Interior windows generally will need their vent holes cleaned out so that condensation can drain out of the window. This can be as simple as pushing an awl through the hole to the other side. The dirt and debris that has collected will simply fall outside. Regular inspections of the windows to check for wear and tear from the weather will let you catch minor problems before they become a major one.

Window Materials

Storm windows are typically made from a few different materials. These include vinyl, aluminum, and wood. Each type can provide different benefits to your home depending on your location and needs. Aluminum is excellently weather proofed to prevent drafts though allows the transfer of heat more readily than the others. Wood will decay over time but it is the best insulator of the three. Vinyl is treated to protect it from the elements and sun, but sun does eventually break it down and extreme temperatures can crack it. Knowing these specific benefits and drawbacks can help you make an informed decision depending on the location that you lived in. For instance, one may not want to opt for wooden storm windows if they live in an exceptionally wet area.

These are but a handful of storm window benefits that you can enjoy for your home. The increased efficiency coupled with the compared cost of new windows makes installation of storm windows a very quick return on investment. Different benefits and models will be more appropriate to a given area than others, providing a greater benefit than the storm window would otherwise.